Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spanish Stench of Bigotry at The Olympics.

Somehow the Olympics seem to be suffering a bit this year. Practically on the very first day of the games an American couple were brutally attacked by a knife weilding assailant leaving one man dead. Then, on a far grander scale, war broke out in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Now, the Spaniards, not known throughout history for being terribly enlightened on the subject of race or religion, have marred the proceedings with an utterly boorish photo taken of the basketball team collectively "slanting" their eyes. Somehow the team thought this would be amusing, which just shows them up to be a truly dim witted and and classless bunch of cretins. What may be worse is that the team seems to have no idea why people are upset and offended. And though in the wake of the uproar they caused the Spanish basketball team appear to be apologetic, I still look forward to seeing the inhabitants of the country that gave the world The Inquisition get crushed (by the U.S. basketball team, a squad composed entirely of players of African descent) like so many Iberian grapes underfoot.

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