Monday, August 11, 2008

Idiot of the Month!

The Green Bay Packers were prepared to offer on again off again retiree quarterback, Brett Favre, twenty million dollars to hang up his cleats for good, but in a decision that defied even a smidgen of sense, the thirty seven year old veteran said, "No, thanks." Now, Favre, who has only toiled for one team his entire career, and is a living legend in a small city with only one major professional sports team, is fighting for a starting position with the New York Jets. And to add insult to injury, Favre is being made to run penalty laps for the first time in his career. I wonder what he is thinking to himself when he has to sprint like a twenty two year old rookie back and forth across the gridiron in ninety degree heat? Couldn't I, a man pushing forty, with a twenty million dollar incentive, have found something better to do with my time than this?


DED said...

The job is his. The reaction from NY that's leached its way to my local paper is all positive. With the best QB to grace the team since Namath, they're all excited.

As for being an idiot for passing up $20 million, I'd have to disagree. It's not always about money. He's already got plenty of that. The guy loves playing football, perhaps to a fault. There will come a time when he can no longer play, and it will be obvious to even him. I don't begrudge him that.

Edwardo said...


I should have made the blog entry a rumination about choices (some very fortunate) people don't even ponder and what it might say about us as individuals and our society.

I agree it/things aren't always about the money. It certainly isn't about the money with Favre, but my view is it ought be. As a wealthy man, he may not need the money, but frankly his decision strikes me as selfish. Favre could have done a ton of good for someone other than himself by collecting twenty million. He could have given half of it to (several) charities and enjoyed not paying taxes for a few years, or he could have merely socked it away for his family and safeguarded future generations and his health by retiring when his ability to recover from a major injury is poor. And again, it is pathetic that a grown can not find something worthwhile to do with himself other than play a game in which his skills have substantially eroded.

And if Favre, who I do think is a absolute meat head, had any imagination, it might have occurred to him that the good he might have accomplished by accepting the such a large sum of money would have had effects that would resounded far longer than whatever he's likely to accomplish this season.

As for it being obvious to him that the can't or shouldn't play, I'm guessing that may come as soon as the Jets first game with the Patriots.

DED said...

The proof is in the pudding as they say.

As for it being obvious to him that the can't or shouldn't play, I'm guessing that may come as soon as the Jets first game with the Patriots.

That'll definitely be a good test.

DED said...

So Strahan passed up $8 million for one year to stay retired as commentator for FoxSports(?) at a mere $2 million. Does that make him an idiot too?