Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Has anyone in the MSM bothered to ask, and, more importantly, answer, why it has taken President Obama so long to produce a long form birth certificate? Applying Occam's Razor to this seeming conundrum yields a rather stunning conclusion, which is, that, until very recently, President Barack Obama didn't possess a long form birth certificate. I know, how horribly conspiratorial of me to suggest that one has been invented on his behalf. Do you have a better explanation?

Let's see, perhaps you would like to suggest, in lieu of my straightforward explanation, that Barack Obama and his handlers have, perhaps, the worst political instincts ever, and, instead of, way back when, producing the necessary document to immediately quell the brouhaha surrounding the issue of his place of birth, decided, instead, to let the issue fester to the point that it would gestate, to name just one ghastly progeny, a Donald Trump Presidential bid. No, The Donald isn't going to become our next President, but I hope you catch my drift just the same. Do you really think Obama and his handlers decided the way forward was to stonewall, for well over a year, producing the document in question. It's possible that this explains matters, but, let's face it, the less tortured explanation is that Team Obama needed time (and a lot of money) to fabricate a convincingly authentic long form birth certificate. It must not have been easy. Counterfeiting such things is quite a job, but far from impossible. The technology is there, if you have the resources to bring to bear. Well, call me crazy, as I may well, be, but I propose the Office of The President has just such resources and that in the absence of a better explanation, used them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Think Again.

It seems that on the back of a warning of a downgrade of U.S. government debt by, FWIW, the S&P ratings agency, there is renewed discussion of how this latest debt downgrade will spur officialdom to really, truly, you better believe it, tackle our-just outside the black hole event horizon-fiscal situation. For all those talking such piffle, whether you are just clueless or ghastly toadying shills, I have news for you:

The only weapon government has to extinguish the U.S.S. debtberg is talk of the kind designed to deceive the easily duped into thinking that constant can kicking is something other than, well, can kicking. Government can't do anything like the sort of budget/debt reduction needed because that would shatter to pulp the one wooden peg leg our economy remains standing on. After all, government, both federal and local government combined, employ more folks than anyone else by a long shot. If we want to really have unemployment skyrocket, and to see absolute social disintegration/mayhem ensue lickety split, then, by all means, cut all the social programs back big time, bring most of the troops home-troops who, in the full flush of their testosterone saturated youth will not be able to find gainful employment, but are, by the way, quite handy with firearms and explosives-and let the too big to fails, fail. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


That's how the imbeciles on Capitol Hill, in their usual self aggrandizing and grandiloquent style, have chosen to characterize puny budget cuts of 39 billion dollars when there is a deficit in the trillions. I know that I am, to an extent, comparing apples and oranges, but only just. What an absolute mockery of a sham of a travesty. Imagine paring your total household expenditures so you bought fewer tubes of toothpaste, cheaper light bulbs, and stopped paying the kid down the street to mow your lawn, and you declared such measly reductions in expenses historic.

I suppose they are from the standpoint that such a hopeless accommodation indicates how appallingly fouled up our legislative body's functioning is. After all, it is worthy of a place in the annals when this sort of paltry agreement can be deemed historic and reported as such by a brain dead media. I loathe both parties, but, typically, The Republicans, pandering to some cretinous segment of their rank and file voters, made this tentative accord-the tiny budget cuts still have to be voted on-a tense, touch and go affair as they desperately tried to do away with funding for things like planned parenthood and regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. No one will touch the various political third rails that are the real culprits-entitlements and military expenditures, in sending the U.S. down the path of financial and economic disintegration, so, plan-see the recent, and not so recent, action in precious metals-accordingly.