Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sarah Palin: TWOB Update

Glenn Beck, Fox Network's "conservative" huckster extraordinaire, he of Nazi Tourettes, held a pep rally in D.C. today with his special guest, the former Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin, better known to disasterporn readers as The Whore of Babylon. Together, employing their own brand of nauseatingly perfervid rhetoric, the dimwitted duo addressed the throngs with such pearls of insight as "For too long, this country has wandered in darkness.'' One didn't get a firm date from Mr. Beck as to when, exactly, the lights went out in America, but, somehow, one imagines, given Mr. Beck's well advertised prejudices, darkness descended on the U.S. at approximately the same time that Barack Obama began serving as POTUS.

In the meantime, Glenn Beck would have us believe that the fact that this rally was held on the forty seventh anniversary of, and on the same ground as, Martin Luther King's historic, "I have a dream" speech, was nothing less than "divine providence." Note to Glenn Beck, you, sir, are positively full of shit, and you and your adherents are little more than thinly veiled race
baiters who delight in vile provocation. As for bogus left/ right distinctions of the sort that Mr. Beck and his benighted followers traffic in, they are only for forlorn folks who are so hopelessly out of touch with the actual forces that shape our government and our society that no sensible person should give them any creedence whatsoever.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

(Cor) Exit Government

I know it's less than thrilling to have someone -like me- bang on and on about the same, tired, old issue, and, so, I apologize (but only a little) for once again bringing to your attention how unworthy your government is of your respect and support. More precisely, what your government is worthy of is to be tossed out and subsequently prosecuted for high crimes and misdemeanors.

As I'm sure you're aware, the NOAA recently asserted that most of the millions and millions of gallons of oil that gushed-for months on end- from a compromised BP well was gone. That's right, gone. I don't know about you, but when I hear the word gone used, I generally take that to mean that the thing referred to as gone is not all. I do not infer that gone means present in any way, i.e. concealed, hidden, masked, etc. etc. And, as I am the skeptical sort who doubts the veracity of official pronouncements regarding any matter that effects the public at large, it comes as no surprise to me that prior claims about The Gulf of Mexico being mostly, if not completely, oil free were just so much stinking, steaming ca ca.

Really, my friends, isn't it way past time to discard the quaint but absurd notion that traditional voting booth maneuvers have an oil covered pelican's chance at successfully overcoming the wickedness that besets us? Isn't the revelation by Wood's Hole personnel that a twenty two mile long plume of oil exists (and is loitering with intent) several thousand feet below the GOM's surface enough for you take proper stock of the situation?

Our President has gone along with this BP BS from start to finish. Appearances at acting tough on BP aside, The Commander-in-Chief, the same one who recently pretended to bob joyfully with his daughter in The Gulf's bathtub warm, oil infused waters, has been the best President the largest, multi-national major oil company could possibly buy. One wonders how much more oil resides several thousand feet below the surface? Probably only the controversial late whistle blower Matt Simmons would be prepared to conjecture, and that should bother the hell out of you.

Why I would even hazard to say that the fact that the only reliable information about the condition of The Gulf is available from the sort of (non vested) entities who weren't allowed anywhere near the BP gusher as it was going on should cause a similar sort of discomfort to the one I imagine occurs after ingesting oil befouled Gulf Shrimp. But that's just me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Permanent Vacation from the Imperials

It's August, the epicenter of the summer vacation season, and generally the slowest news month of the year, and, yet, despite being mired in the so called dog days, there is still a veritable smorgasbord of material one could comment on. From the Gulf of Mexico oil spill- which is now alleged to have been fully plugged- to the U.S. economy, which, despite massive and unprecedented infusions of money to reprobate banking interests, and the application of the best mainstream media spin money could buy, is well on its way to a return trip to the critical ward, to Michelle Obama's recent holiday activities, we are well and truly blessed.

Allow me a departure from my usual fare as I choose to focus on The President and First Lady. I didn't think it would be possible for the Obama coterie to equal the loathsomeness of The Bush junior contingent, and yet, lo and behold, at least for me, they have. From the incessant and preposterous mendacity exhibited by the sitting President, who has achieved little in his less than two years in office except to enact disastrous health care legislation and entrench the most ghastly policies followed by his predecessor, to The Commander in Chief's wife's fatuousness and phony posturing, it's become pretty much an unassailable fact that the nation is afflicted by leadership that would cause even The Sun King to blush.

The electorate, at least the part that enthusiastically voted for President Obama, has been well and truly conned. And while, as per the most recent polls, this clearly is not a surprise to most of the voting public, some of whom, by now, must be aware that every Presidential election is a sham, it is still sickening, because the stakes are, arguably, at least for a span of a few decades, a tad higher than they have been heretofore.

So, forgive me for cutting to the chase by suggesting that there's never been a better time for citizens across this great hulking ruin of a nation to take a permanent vacation from The Feds. For those who reside in such fiscal sinkholes as Illinois, California, New York, and a few other terminally sclerotic states that have been reduced to insolvency by local public serpents, an extended separation from local officialdom might also be advisable. Civil disobedience, after all, begins at home.