Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Epic Blunder!

The Bush Administration continues a long record of hideous foreign policy mistakes with their implementation of a missile defense shield in Poland. What, you may ask, is there to defend against? Nothing. This move is designed to continue the long standing neo-con lunacy of encircling Russia with some form of military presence, either via the creation and/or acquisition of military bases, or, in this case, nukes. Total Spectrum Dominance, the central insane doctrine of neo-con foreign policy, will be seen by those generations that survive the attempt to enact it, as a catastrophic failure, responsible for massive fraud and financial waste, a generation of mutilated, scarred, or dead young American men, a sundered middle eastern nation, and possibly the unthinkable, nuclear war.

Look no further than the aforesaid doctrine as the reason for the latest Russian incursion into the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where a U.S. stooge was throwing his weight around in a manner that provoked an overpowering military response. The Olympics may have the spotlight now, but the greatest game going these days is the the one initiated years ago by the neo-cons to secure the U.S. as the globe's dominant military and economic power. It's a game we could never win, even briefly, but lose it we shall, in a hail of tattered hubris, monetary meltdown, and finally, civic and political chaos. A more successful search and destroy mission has rarely, if ever, been achieved.

What can one do to prepare for all the mayhem coming down the pike? Exchange dollars for precious metals, stock up on food that can sit in your pantry for more than a few weeks at a time, and short of relocating to another country, which most of us either can't or won't do, keep your gas tank full at all times. Present trends in the dollar, up, fuel, down, are all very temporary and should be seen as gifts. Make your preparations now and good luck!


Thai said...

Ah Edwardo, one of the many things I have missed with the death of Hell's blog has been your daily dose of optimism!

Hope you are well


Edwardo said...

Hello, Thai. I'm glad you could drop by. It is indeed too bad Sudden Debt has become dormant, or, perhaps, as you offer, dead