Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'll Be Waiting.

While it is somewhat of a challenge to imagine a worse President than the sitting one, it's not so difficult to imagine one almost as bad. Our political system is now so corrupt, the electronic media that reports on it so denuded of journalistic integrity, and the American electorate in such a dumbed down and zombie like state, that every four years the United States can only manage putting forth a different collection of what are essentially either cretins, like Bush junior, mountebanks like Bill Clinton, or some admixture of those two types.

With Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama's selection of Senator Joe Biden, self styled change agent Obama appears to not just be moving towards the mythical "center" but motoring there at full throttle. Delaware Senator, Biden, perhaps best known for pilfering, paragraph by paragraph, a speech by British labour candidate of yore, Neil Kinnock, makes little sense as Obama's pick since Biden's overall career has been marked, with few exceptions over its three plus decades, as one dedicated to maintaining the status quo. In that vein, over approximately the better part of this decade, Biden has been, like so many of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle, all in from the beginning regarding the fraudulently initiated and disastrous occupation of Iraq.

Instead of highlighting how Biden gives the lie to Barack Obama's claims to be an agent of change, all we are hearing about from the MSM is how Biden shores up Obama's legitimacy by providing valuable foreign policy experience. What experience would that be? Get back to me with the stellar accomplishments that should give prospective lever pullers for the Dems a warm and fuzzy feeling? You have until November the 7th.


Thai said...

You say it is 'now' corrupt. But as 'the fractal guy' (the more you look at things, the more they look the same), I yet again ask you: "Was it ever clean"?

If you see that it once was, would you be so kind as to share a link for a date and place?


Edwardo said...

You might want to look more closely at your fractals, Thai. Corp gov is a monster that envelops government to a degree that enlightened analysts realize is unprecedented.

With that in mind I will point out that, until relatively recently, if one wanted to voice dissent at, for example, the Democratic Convention, one didn't have to do it within a fenced in area manned by "security personnel" out of sight of the convention arena.

Thai said...

I look at them all the time! But I always love a new perspective on them so I will do so again.

But what is truly unprecedented?

'Corruption' is certainly not a new word in the english language... Didn't Chicago used to have more votes than voters? And Tammany Hall?... I hope you get my point.

What do you mean by Corp gov? Do you mean how big corporations control government more than ever? If this is what you mean then I guess 'yes', we agree. But...

If you substitute the word 'corporation' for people (since corporations are just shells designed to reduce the liability of individuals) I don't think things look all that differently at all.

As for 'security' everywhere-- boy can you say that again!

Just try to visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia (I mean really, the Liberty Bell!) You need to go thru a metal detector and be prepared for a strip search. It's the fucking Liberty Bell! I still can't get over it... I guess technology is much better than it once was, but McCarthyism and fear seem to me to be as old as society itself.

I guess I am an optimist, things will get better. They always do.

Edwardo said...

The degree that corporations control the functioning of the Federal Government is unprecedented. Tammany Hall, a regional phenomenon in any event, was nothing compared to this.

Corporations don't just reduce the liability of individuals, they provide individuals with opportunities for the sort of power they could otherwise never command, except within a totalitarian political scheme. The corporate mode of functioning is the worst of both worlds from the standpoint that just as individuals are put in position to acquire a surfeit of power they become less legally accountable. And the loss of civil liberties in conjunction with the advent of (what some have dubbed) the U.S." fascist business model" is, in my view, not an accident.