Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's The Problem.

The problem is someone is acting as if they own the sidewalk. The second and bigger problem is that despite the patent speciousness of the claim-nobody owns the sidewalk- there are enough folks (men in blue, in this case) willing to act as enforcers on behalf of the hijackers of the sidewalk that Freedom's Land is rapidly become a full blown police state. And you really know it's gotten bad when the goon squad arrest a reporter from ABC, not exactly a bastion of intrepid anti-status quo journalism. Read it, watch it, and weep.


Thai said...

Your point is well made... although you might check with Okie to be sure (or are you a lawyer... I don't know what you do?).

I have a hard time imagining the issue of temporary 'ownership' of a security perimeter on things like sidewalks, etc... around buildings when a significant 'national interest' is occuring within the building has not already been decided by the Supreme Court.

Rickey Henderson said...

Jesus, when did our cops upgrade to the "Judge Dredd" uniform style? Nice blog by the way, Rickey digs.

Edwardo said...

No, I'm not a lawyer, Thai, but private interests don't own that sidewalk. This all goes hand in hand with "free speech zones" an Orwellian locution if ever there was one.

And thanks, Rick.