Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Tax Dodger's Truth.

Well, as it is April Fool's Day, one should not be taken by surprise by fresh evidence that Tim Geithner never wavers from spewing the enormous and epic untruth that had the big criminal enterprises of Wall Street not been given free money (aka bailed out) with next to no strings, and zero oversight, things would have been much worse. Undoubedtly things would have been far worse for Wall Street's various and sundry criminal enterprises, but beyond that, the case for worse for the rest of us breaks down rather badly.

And now, The Treasury Secretary creature from the Wall Street Black Lagoon's incessant protestations that enabling bankster grand larceny was for the best is being matched by nauseating efforts to persuade you and me that he cares about the millions of folks who've paid dearly for Wall Street's heretofore unrestrained monstrous transgressions. Yes, Turbo Tim, it is "deeply unfair" that the criminals of Wall Street are smelling like roses even as some untold number of American (formerly) working stiffs have the rank odor about them of
organic fertililzer. And as you were right there at the scene of the crime, making the crime possible, and as you and your superiors have done %&#*! all to fully address, let alone amend, the original crime, your present posture appears like, well, posturing.

It gets better though, loyal readers, as Tax Dodgin' Treasurer Timmy now admits something that more than a few of us have suspected for quite some time, namely that chronic high unemployement is, for all intents and purposes, here to stay, a fixture of the, by now, well fertilized landscape. Quelle surprise! He regrets this lamentable state of affairs as well, but, as always, rest assured, that Mr. Geithner wants you to know, for those of you who did not get the memo, that while manning the helm as this unfortunate condition unfolded, the Obama Administration's efforts were just short of heroic. In the meantime, best of luck in your efforts to find a new, or better, job, and, in advance of the full implementation of Obamacare, stay well.


Anonymous said...

That lie is the most vile of all.

Although by now I hate it even more coming from “liberals” than from established corporatists like Geithner.

Debra said...

Hey disaster porn, I like your style. My first visit here...
Thought you would like to know that for quite some time now, unemployment has been in double digits in France. It is nothing new to us over here...
I am wondering if the new unemployment here to stay is going to change the almost unsufferably virtuous American chest beating act about the virtues of work, and the evils of the idle..
It would be NICE if this act changed a little bit..
Because there are lots of folks out there who would just LOVE TO WORK but can't find jobs.
At least as many in the States as there are in France.
Maybe Empire is going to discover the virtues of humility ?
By the way that's.. "quelle surprise". Feminine noun.
But hey, I'm thrilled that you threw a little French in there, so I'm not complaining...

Edwardo said...

Thanks, Deb, for stopping by, and for the helpful corrective with my sub-par French spelling. As for my fellow American's propensity to chest thump, as well as blow copious amounts of smoke up our own asses, well, those are deeply ingrained tendencies, and may not be amenable, at least presently, to mitigation.

Debra said...

HA, so Disaster Porn is YOU Edwardo ??
Good job. That's not purple prose, though, that's..
psychedlic yellow prose.
We'll just have to keep working at injecting a little humility there, Edwardo.
You know, humility is an almost impossible utopia.
Because people tend to reach for DEPRESSION and CYNICISM BEFORE they reach for humility...
Too bad.

Edwardo said...

Yes, it's me. The problem, Deb, is that one woman's cynicism is another man's realism. There is no objective standard for these sorts of things I would also point out that it might be a tad arrogant to set yourself up as an arbiter of humility.

Debra said...

LOL ! Touché.
But then again I might say that one woman's humility is another man's... ?