Friday, April 23, 2010

Excuse Me?

Scott Brown, the newly elected interim Senator from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, was invited on the Today Show and asked if he was planning to run for President of the United States. Huh? What? For &^%# sake! This is the level that we have sunk to in the U.S. I realize that politics and governance in this nation is an absolute slime pit of mendacity and corruption, but is the position of POTUS really the province of any imbecile that wants it? I probably shouldn't be asking this question given the enfeebled nature of Bush junior, but at least he'd held office for more than a few months when presented with the opportunity to run for President.

Note: Scott Brown may not be an imbecile, but, so far, he has certainly not distinguished himself as anything other than just another business as usual operator.

In the meantime, based on his response, we have learned something about Scott Brown. He has little sense of decorum, protocol, or honesty. Brown said he was "ruling out" a run for Presidency. Is that because you realize that you are, even by President Obama's meager standards, woefully ill equipped for the job, or is it because no sane and/or monied group has tried to draft you to run? That should have been the follow-up question to the initial question posed by the bubble head who asked what shouldn't have been asked in the first place. Lame is as lame does. Come to think of it, we can and would do much better without Scott Brown or the mainstream media.


Johnny D. said...

It's almost funny how these people come up out of nowhere and become the next "it."

Seems planned to me. The whole Palin thing - now this guy. Very strange.

Some of my friends...

Well, you can just see the star-struck action with them. Palin blew through here about six months ago. Guy came to work babbling about how his wife had went and managed to convince Palin to sign TWO, not one, but TWO of her books.

My response? I mumbled something about how changing teams again in 2010 ought to fix things. Understand it was pure sarcasm.

He didn't get it.

Edwardo said...

"It's almost funny how these people come up out of nowhere and become the next "it."

Because TPTB think of us citizens as nothing more than brain dead "consumers", the process of selecting a Presidential candidate is nothing more than about selling product. And genuine novelty and snazziness, or rather the appearance of those characteristics, ergo Palin and Brown is a key component in getting the consumer salivating.

"And now a message from President I-Pod."

Thanks for dropping by Johnny D.

Thai said...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to clarify that I'm ruling out a presidential run in 2012.