Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Official. Obama is Creepy.

Almost every Presidential Administration has one. You know, the designated creep. The one whose manner, and sometimes even appearance, makes one's skin crawl. Bush junior had creepy Dick Cheney working close by in an official capacity, and Karl Rove, less close by, in an unofficial one. Clinton, of course, had Dick Morris and Hillary. Most of us who pay attention to such relative minutiae thought the Obama Administration's designated creep was Rahm Emanuel, and so he is. There's only one problem, President Obama, himself, is beginning, at least to this onlooker, to take on the mien of someone with a sinister purpose.

This is, of course, entirely subjective, but I submit, as partial evidence, Obama's penchant to tell enormous lies with the straightest, if in this instance, pissed off, face imaginable. This too is subjective, and hardly new amongst Presidents. But be aware that, whatever you think of this policy, the odds of Obama repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell are very small. You would never know it though from the response Obama gives to the relatively mild hecklers at a benefit for California Senator, Barbara Boxer

More evidence of Obama as Creep in Chief might be gleaned from a recent NASA press conference that strangely included no NASA personnel. Here, too, it seems one is meant to take away the exact opposite impression of the actual policy being pursued by the Administration, namely to materially scale back on NASA missions. And I also offer this chilling news release that pertains to a development apparently meant to coincide with the upcoming mid-term elections this coming fall.

Finally, at least in this particular missive, and with thanks to The Golden Jackass newsletter, is the revelation that the new health care bill that President Obama strongly advanced, does, in fact, contain provisions for electronically chipping citizens. Specifically see pages 1001-1008 for the National Medical Device Registry for mention of a program to be enacted within 36 months of passage. See also page 503 for the phrase "medical device surveillance." All this is contained in HR Bill 3200 from the House Ways and Means Committee.

There is more of this sort of business to be proffered as part of my Obama is creepy thesis. Suffice it to say that, for now, all we would need to seal the deal on the status of the POTUS is word that formation of a Nixon like Committee to Re-elect the President (aka CREEP) has been, or is being, formed for President Obama.


Debra said...

Since I can be a very irritating person, as you already know (!!), I am going to make the observation that the PEOPLE'S calling for a king (instead of electing a president...) in the last election has definite consequences.
I can IMAGINE Barack in that loneliest of all places, with the pressure on, reacting just like Macduff WILL react once Malcolm is crowned after Macbeth.
It's the power, Edwardo. It drives them crazy..
And since THE PEOPLE have abdicated personal responsibility, what's to stop them ?

Debra said...
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Debra said...

I checked out the link on the chilling news release...
Here in France we got rid of the citizen's army recently.
There are distinct disadvantages to having a... professional (paid...) army in place. Distinct..
All I can say is that harping on the fact that it is not legal for the military to take arms against the citizenry is like holding up a piece of paper when the bulldozers are busy rolling over your... field, your olive trees, your house...
When emotions get high, those pieces of paper look pretty flimsy, don't they ?
Too many professional security outfits in the U.S. Too much... cooperation between the military and those private security firms.
The founding fathers would have been vomiting to see those private security firms, and what they have taken over in the country.

Anonymous said...

I've always despised his whole demeanor, which exudes sociopathy and the sense of entitlement.

There's just a coldness and callousness where a soul is supposed to be.

And I've never understood why so many consider him a compelling orator, given how patent it is that every word he says is a lie, simply calculated for effect.

A good speaker? Give me even someone who may sometimes stutter or flub the words, but who radiates sincerity. Not many of those around these days.

Yeah, Obama sure is a creep.

Edwardo said...

Long before Obama ran for cover in the wake of the Jeremiah Wright brouhaha, Journalist Alexander Cockburn had "Senator Slither" figured out.

I think the gimlet eyed citizen should realize that no one who makes it to the final two in a Presidential election is going to be a change agent, at least of the sort of change that one would applaud. They can't be since by the time they reach that point they are bought and paid for. Goldman Sachs was a major contributer and not just with money, but with personnel, to the Obama campaign.

As you know, the fix is in long before you or I or our fellow 'murcans pull the lever at the polling booth.

And if, by some wild chance, a President-elect has the cojones to play bait and switch on the folks who paid his way, then he can expect, at best, to be a one termer, and more likely the target of Murder (of reputation and body) Inc.

I'm m not sure anymore if Obama is as clueless as he appears at times, or, if he actually knows he is peddling some very smelly ca ca-but, for a variety of reasons, is emboldened to do so.

A thought has recently come to my mind that the country is actually in such a fragile state that anyone with the moxie, and bit of wherewithal could, for lack of a better phrase, make some serious ripples on the pond.

All this by way of saying that I think the good ship U.S.S. lollipop is a very fragile boat and it won't take much to capsize it. I think if "The People' wanted "real" change, and if "The People" could agree on what that constituted, they probably could effect it in days. The Feds are apt to be had, but the
problem is that, save for the co-opted and half mad Tea baggers, no one has even a modicum of moxie to make a move.

It's a W.B. Yeats situation if you know what I mean.

Now for the really important question:

Since you didn't vote for Barack, who did you vote for? No one?

If you don't want to be a sell out, being a pro writer is a very difficult business, just as it is trying to become a (paid) concert pianist or a composer which I is my area of the music biz.

Some years back, I worked briefly as an agent for a local concert pianist. I got her some gigs, but basically it was obvious, after a short while, that it was not an endeavor, at least for me, worth pursuing. God bless her, but she is still plugging away and getting modest dates for herself. I know she can barely be making 10 to 20K a year for her considerable labors.

Do you still play? I have an erstwhile friend who attempted to become a concert pianist, but I he packed it in on that front a long time ago.

Debra said...

Yeah, just got back from my piano lesson, as a matter of fact...
I have made CONSIDERABLE progress since I read Neuhaus's "The Art of Piano Playing", and Leimer/Gieseking's Piano Technique.
Basically... only an aristocrat could learn to play the piano the way i want to play.
You have to put in MUCHO hours/time, and not STUPID TIME either, mindlessly repeating passages until they magically sink into your fingers.
Na. You gotta THINK THINK THINK AND coordinate all of that with your body, ALL YOUR BODY, not just the little fingers.
It's pretty mind boggling.
Fortunately I can say that it OCCUPIES MY TIME.
I am currently playing Beethoven's Tempest, 1st movement, Mozart's D minor Fantasia, and Rondo in A minor, K. 511.
It takes up a lot of my time...
It's worth it.
Specially since I don't have to sell myself while doing it in order to put meat and potatoes on the table.
You didn't say what you knew about Joe ?
He had an excellent article about Christian fundamentalists, by the way.

Edwardo said...

Regarding Joe, just the fact's ma'am.

1.) He is of working class origins and was brought up in some derivative of Redneck, Virginia

2.) Clearly drinks (almost certainly to excess)

3.) He is a Marxist

4.) Writes well and with humor

5.) Divides his time between Mexico and VA

6.) Almost certainly has an interesting arrangement with his wife.

7.) Has a grown son. I think.

8.) He appears to be struggling with a fair share of despair of unknown origin-see # 2

Edwardo said...

FWIW, which may be little, as it sounds like you've already read JB's latest, the most recent post is a real corker.

Debra said...

Yeah, I did read his last post...
"Master Edwardo, quite contrary, how does your garden grow ?" ;-)

Edwardo said...

Well, I'm not sure what you are asking when you ask "how does my garden grow?" Am I an off the grid sort or something a tad more social? And you? As a non Obama voter, what sort of soil, if any, do you get your hands dirty with?

Debra said...

I get my hands dirty with the soil I enrich with my OWN COMPOST... my vegetable/fruit peelings that don't go to be incinerated (!!!!!!).
I'm going to stick some salads in next week.
And I am planning for tomatoes, green beans, snow peas, and a potimarron for this summer.
I thought you were gardening, Edwardo... :-)

Edwardo said...

Alas, I'm afraid soil is not part of my immediate surround.

Debra said...
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Debra said...
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Edwardo said...
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Edwardo said...

Well, Deb, your comments about the male of the species are probably the closest I will ever get-and it's pretty damn close-to an admission that the world's greatest male franchise operation, The Catholic Church, is doomed.

I am sorry that you have had such a tough time of late, and while I don't know what happened that precipitated your expulsion, perhaps, unpleasant as it sounds, it will be for your ultimate benefit. In the meantime, I'm sorry that you are wounded, and I hope you will do something nice for yourself.

Thanks for your e-mail address.

Debra said...

You're right, Edwardo.
It WILL be for my ultimate benefit.
I am working on it...
And a big fat kiss on your right cheek.

Debra said...

Edwardo, since I am a dog that never gives up a bone, I thought I would tell you that this morning I met some friends, mother and 7 months pregnant daughter, and while we were chatting, they mentioned that the young woman wants to be married in the Catholic Church, and have her baby baptized after going through a preparation with a local priest.
My own son told me last night that HE will go through preparation for baptism in order to be married in the Church, and I told him that I would do it with him...
I know the priest. I've seen him several times now...
I maintain what I said a few posts back.
And Edwardo ? When will YOU be talking to a spiritual figure, Catholic Church or otherwise ?

Edwardo said...

I didn't say there wouldn't be Catholics, but it's on the slide, matrimonial stories aside.

Edwardo said...

Congratulations on your son's engagement.