Friday, January 22, 2010

Was it Just a Bad Faith Gambit?

It's only a day later, and President Obama's plan already appears to be something of a ploy.


Anonymous said...

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Thai said...

I thought you might find the following posting interesting- though I admit passing on something which tends to supports my view of a "fooled by randomness" world is not proof that things are so.

Be well

DED said...

Interesting, Thai. I have to wonder if the W.H. is that naive that they don't think that there are ramifications to the timing of their announcements. Maybe they need to leak things to the media more often. ;)

Thai said...

And you have probably already seen this but just in case you missed it.

I tell you, I won't go all fractal on you other than to say yet again "the more things change, the more they stay the same".

I wonder what they will call the new version? The institutionalized risk free home ownership corporation?

Thai said...

Kind of reminds me of what "they" did with Backwater, or I should say Xe?

Maybe they will let the public vote on the new name to really add insult to injury.

Edwardo said...

Thanks for the link, Thai. We are just going to have to wait and see before we will know if Obama's announcement was, in fact, just a ploy, or if it was actually something substantial.

Now let me give you my take on the timing of the announcement. It demonstrates, for the umpteenth time, that Obama's political instincts as President are poor, very poor. He should have smelled it a mile off that having the press conference when he did would run the risk-should Brown have been the victor-which you did not need to be a genius to predict, by the way- of looking like a piece of rather insincere expediency.

If he really meant it, and wanted to look like he meant it, then he should have announced it before the election not after. If Coakley wins, he loses nothing. If Brown wins he genuinely looks out front.

Instead, Team Obama manages yet another baton drop.

As for Frank, he should abolish himself from Congress before he creates an even bigger mess out of Fannie and Freddie. Having said that, I think Obama and Frank may lose even more purchase over events in the next year than they would like to imagine.

Finally, there's nothing random about the deterioration in our economy, thought it certainly is chaotic.

Thai said...

I have to say that is the most intelligent analysis I have yet read.

We live in interesting times