Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship?

One has to wonder if the announcement by Democratic Senators Dodd, Ritter, and Dorgan that they are going to retire instead of seeking re-election is a sign that the light (some say they see) coming from inside our dark economic tunnel isn't the end of the tunnel, but is, instead, the headlight of a large vehicle barreling down on the U.S. economy. In the meantime, an explanation for why these folks have decided to cease and desist may be as simple as the fact that all three Senators stand to make a pile by retiring.

This will certainly make Obama's job more difficult going forward since his party, by almost any calculus, loses heft. For my own part, I'm delighted to see these characters go, especially Dodd, who has done enormous damage, especially over the last decade or so. My only hope, and one I give little chance of coming to pass, is that those select voters faced with finding replacements for the aforesaid, choose neither, when confronted with the next batch of eager, suit wearing, would be grifting enablers of the military complex and FIRE economy, aka The Democrats and The Republicans.


DED said...

Aren't there something like six Republican senators retiring this year too? If I'm right, what does that say about the R-party?

Edwardo said...

Well, who are they? I'd be delighted to give those Republicans equal time? I hope it's clear that, for this blogger, both parties are the political equivalent of lepers.

DED said...

I hope it's clear that, for this blogger, both parties are the political equivalent of lepers.

Yes, though lately you've been a bit heavy on Dem bashing and light on Repub bashing (except for the WoB). I've been chalking that up to the Dems being in control and the Repubs not doing much besides saying "No" all the time.

It turns out that there are 5 Democrats and 6 Republicans retiring from the Senate in 2010.

Christopher Dodd of CT
Byron Dorgan of ND

The following guys are special cases and I'm not sure if you want to include them:
Roland Burris of Illinois (he of the Blagojevich appointing)

Paul Kirk of Mass (filled in for the remainder of Kennedy's term until the special election)

Ted Kaufman of Delaware (filling in for Biden until a special election can be held)

George LeMieux of Florida (serving remainder of Mel Martinez's term. Now making way for Gov Charlie Crist)
Sam Brownback of Kansas
Jim Bunning of Kentucky
Kit Bond of Missouri
Judd Gregg of New Hampshire
George Voinovich of Ohio