Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trompe l'oeil

I submit the following piece at the link as evidence that the Obama Administration, despite their apparent full court press on such burning issues as budgets and banks, are not to be trusted in any way as reformers.

I must admit the recent Obama "I'm really, finally, truly going to do something you citizens can feel good about" offensive had me skeptically hopeful for a brief while, what with the Commander in Chief's press conference about his intention to restrain the banks. It was an especially good sales job considering the venerable old duffer Paul Volcker was waiting in the wings during the speech, and then manfully shaking Obama's hand afterwards. Now, it looks more and more like that, and yesterday's talk of freezing the budget next year is only slightly adulterated theatre, since, as the hours have passed, more and more evidence emerges that all the seemingly laudable announcements of activism, are, as economist Edward Harrison observes, just exercises in (putrid) Clintonesque triangulation.

So move along hopefuls, there's nothing here to see; just more political maneuvering designed to throw off us voters and various and sundry political adversaries.


Anonymous said...

Yup. And tonight's speech is going to be more of the same garbage.

I'm not gonna watch it since I already saw it (and already wrote my piece on it).

Reality is clearly going to have to deal out some more severe treatment before this country grows up.

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