Monday, January 18, 2010


The entrapment of the voter continues apace in MA.

As in so many elections, if not all elections with national implications, the prospective lever puller is faced- rhetorically that is-with something like an apocalypse should they dare to not vote for one of the two major party candidates. For those who believe the present Federal legislative incarnation of so called health care reform is necessary, a Martha Coakley defeat-as per the comments of the execrable Barney Frank-represents a catastrophic death knell for the, as yet to pass, health care reform package. Equally, of course, for those who think that the pending health care reform is deplorable, voting for Scott Brown is portrayed as something akin to joining the charge on the British at Bunker Hill.

Suffice it to say that the special election in Massachusetts for the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is little more than an exercise in extortionate fear mongering. This is about all the two parties really have left-mutually assured demonization-to whip voters into shape. Yet, in truth, neither the Democrats nor The Republicans represent anything like a safe haven from the other. They are simply two vapid, criminal enterprises offering different forms of rapacious and destructive corporate dictated goverment to those foolish enough to engage in the game of either/or. Like two thuggish law enforcement officials playing good cop/bad cop with a hapless suspect in a harshly lit, dingy interrogation room, this is what, electorally speaking, things have been reduced to.

Presently it appears that the wheels are coming off so badly on the crapulous Democratic bus that The Great Mocha Hope has been brought in to bolster the election chances of the state's party hack standard bearer, the aforesaid, Martha Coakley. In what the experts thought should have been a shoo-in election for her, Coakley's mind numbing campaign has faltered badly against her upstart adversary, Scott Brown, a less than savory spewer of typically Republican inanities such as, "Vote for common sense," and "I'm going to change the culture of D.C." Sure, he is. Let's instead try, I can hardly contain my inner excitement when I ponder becoming part of the firmly ensconced, big, fat, gravy train that is Washington, D.C.

I'm happy to say that I'll be voting neither/nor on Tuesday and beyond.


Thai said...

I came over because I was curious to know what the view was like from up north. It is fun for the rest of us to watch!

We live in interesting times... ;-)

DED said...

I was wondering how the Mass race was going. A bit surprised to hear that it's close, what with Mass going Dem for so long.

Mutually Assured Demonization. Yeah, that sums up this country's political landscape. Have to remember that one.

Anonymous said...

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Toby said...

Spot on Edwardo, although it's still saddening/maddening how much of our attention Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee extract from us. The whole politics pantomime, brought to us courtesy of the MSM and TPTB, IS nothing more than a freak show. Don't feed the bear, don't go to the circus, don't stoke the flames. Abstinence is what we need now.

On a somewhat separate note, I have failed to make headway with the publicly-aired debate marathon idea we kicked around at the end of last year. My efforts at another debate-site merely reminded me how stubborn we humans get, how labyrinthine arguments become, and that only tragedy and collapse is going to wake us up. The thought that a bunch of academics chewing the fat, heatedly or otherwise, would establish anything whatsoever other than fractious disagreement, was way off mark. I shall continue with my solo efforts, write a book too, and join your good self here and elsewhere, with pleasure, over and over again.

The ride is about to get very bumpy, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. We are due a very rude awakening. And we deserve it.