Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Real Disasters

Given the title of this site, there is no excuse for me to not remark on the astonishing natural events that have occured over the last few weeks. I say astonishing because the awesome destructive power of nature has manifested in what seems like extraordinary temporality all over the planet. The immediate result has been death in the hundreds of thousands and what I imagine is hundreds of billions of dollars in property loss.

From China, most recently the scene of a massive earthquake, to Myanmar, site of cyclonic devastation, to the interior portions of the U.S., where tornados have flattened small towns for weeks on end, to Chile where a volcanic eruption just commenced, natural devastation is truly planet wide. I have nothing more to say about any of these catastrophes except that the next time some idiotic preacher says that a scourge of nature like AIDS is God's judgement against a certain select group, ask him who The Almighty was targeting for punishment with those tornadoes that ravaged the deep south and the midwest.

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