Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Great Filter.

Was there life on Mars? This question is often dismissed by many of us as silly or even irrelevant. However, it is almost a given that most of us assume that answering yes to the question amounts to good news for our species. The logic behind our positive feeling is as follows: If there was life on another planet in our very own solar system, then the chances for life in some other part of the galaxy, let alone in the rest of the universe, must be excellent. Hurray, we are not alone! Unfortunately, according to Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, any revelations that life once existed on Mars, especially if that life was advanced, is the worst possible news for our species going forward. For anyone interested in understanding why this is so, (today's blog entry title is a hint) I highly recommend reading the fascinating article at the link below.


DED said...

Heh. I blogged about the same thing on Friday.

Edwardo said...

I'll check it out.