Sunday, May 11, 2008

Memo to Hillary: You've Been Beaten!

The race is over and everyone seems to know it except Hillary Clinton, her most devoted followers, and a large portion of the MSM. Barack Obama has very shrewdly taken to ignoring his vanquished foe and is instead focusing on his Republican adversary, John McCain. This is as it should be, as Obama, who is gathering super delegate support in droves, and is now ahead of Hillary Clinton, ought to act like the victor he is, even though, for the sake of propriety, he must wait for time to pass and (pro forma) ritual to occur before victory is officially declared.

In the meantime, in the absence of any sensible refereeing such that the effectively punch drunk Hillary Clinton can not be declared down for the count, the rest of the party is effectively throwing in the towel on the Hillary for President campaign. With all the super delegate defections to Obama, they seem to be saying, fine, let the crazed, and/or punch drunk Hillary continue to swing wildly about in the ring, but we know who the winner of the contest should be, and we want him to begin training for the main event now. For his part, McCain, seems, by his rhetoric and stance, to agree that the winner of the democratic contest is, in fact, Barack Obama. It's a very strange state of affairs to be sure, but almost certainly a healthy one. After all, when a contestant doesn't know that they've lost, victory must be declared, and the game allowed to move forward.

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