Friday, April 11, 2008


Interesting day today, Jay.

You fell all over yourself to the point of obsequiousness apologizing for your use of the word retarded. For all of your railing against PC you were as timid as a mouse when confronted by someone who clearly has a politically correct posture, at least where the term retarded is concerned. It's interesting to see how fast your allegiance to certain principles diminishes when one of the not so bright amongst the best and brightest gets in a flap over admittedly a loaded term.

But the most interesting part of the entire exchange was that in explaining yourself you managed to demean gays.

Jay: (paraphrase) "When I use the term faggot with one of my friends, I don't mean it literally, I just mean they are being a pussy" Great, so" faggot" means being a a pussy. You give with one hand, Jay, and take away with the other. You, sir, are good at what you do.

And when it comes to your attitude towards black folks, your animus is equally obvious, because though you never actually employ any derogatory terms, you just can't stop talking about that which you find obnoxious in some segment, any segment, of the black community. If you gave equal time to putative offenses from other quarters of the American ethnic/cultural scene that would be one thing, but as I listen to you to the point of nausea, and I only listen to you when I'm in my car, you don't. This coupled with your embarrassing tendency to periodic mockery of black speech, gives you away as someone with a "problem."

Now, please, you and that gnat who is not worth squashing, Michael Graham, tell us all for the umpteenth time how Barack Obama, even though he's half white, is where he is today because he's black.

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