Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Message to McCain: Thanks, But No Thanks.

You have to love the Republican's and their attempts to co-opt the old Democrat economic rescue programs in a manner that is the luncheon fare equivalent of two pieces of slightly moldy bread with nothing save a bit of mayonaise in the center. John McCain was in Kentucky today, clearly there to sooth destitute natives of coal country with echoes, very faint ones, of Lyndon Johnson. Here is a sampling of some of Senator McCain's sterling words:

"Government has a role to play in helping people who, through no fault of their own, are having a hard time, Government can't pay lost wages. It can't dig coal from the earth. It can't buy you a house or send all your kids to college. It can't do your work for you.''

Well, Senator, government may not do all your work for you, but it has managed quite ably to assist private industry's multi-decade program to move overseas all but a hollow remnant of what was once a thriving manufacturing base here in the U.S. In the halls of government, over approximately the same span of time you have served, your party, especially, has done a splendid job of making it harder for anyone who wanted a decent, reasonably well paying job to find one. If I were a resident of The Bluegrass State I would have brought a picket to your appearance that said, "Thanks, but no thanks, Senator, we don't need your kind of non-help, help."

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DED said...

That 3rd paragraph was spot on.