Monday, April 7, 2008

Charlton Heston, The Black Man's Best Friend.

You really have to stop with the "Chuck was in with the civil rights movement in the fifties" piffle.

By his own account, Charlton Heston wasn't involved in the civil rights movement until much later.

"I marched for civil rights with Dr. King in 1963 -- and long before Hollywood found it acceptable, I may say."

Nothing about the fifties in there, Jay. Now why would anyone pick a date in the sixties if they were out there marching in the fifties? They wouldn't. So stop fibbing about Chuck's time in the civil rights movement. He didn't make up the dates, so you shouldn't either.

Now on to a very different and infinitely more pressing matter, namely, why we are in Iraq.

Oil, of course. It always been about oil and maintaining, as much as possible, the energy status quo in a post peak oil world. Think of the war in Iraq as The Bush Cheney energy policy, Jay, the same one you voted for, not once, but twice.

The War in Iraq was never, not for a fraction of a New York minute, about WMDs, and all the cherry picked, spun to within an inch of its life bogus "evidence" that the shameless Bush junta proffered was simply a massive smokescreen. Had the truth been on offer there would have been an epic international backlash-for starters, a dollar dump and then capital flight- the likes of which one can hardly imagine.

A self styled political expert such as yourself should know (better than he does his own name. And which is it by the way, Severin or Severino) that certain political agendas can never be openly admitted by those holding much, but not all of, the power. In fact, they must be lied about and grandly so. Remember Joseph Goebbels dictum about lies? I'm sure you do, but I digress.

When governing, if one's core agenda runs the risk of sparking severe opposition, one must, by necessity, mask it. Deceit, Jay, has been the stock and trade of leaders through the ages. Here in Freedom's Land, such diverse political figures as F.D.R. and your hero, Ronald Reagan, practiced it to perfection. Roosevelt never discussed The New Deal before he was elected, but only a fool would deny that something like the New Deal was part of his agenda even in the early days of his campaign.

The Gipper told a massive lie when he claimed that the centerpiece of his Presidency would be balancing the Federal budget. He did just the opposite, turning deficit spending into a way of life that we can now never escape.

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DED said...

Well, if he'd read "Against All Enemies", he'd have known that Iraq's involvement in 9/11 and WMD's were ruses to justify invasion.