Friday, July 23, 2010

Somehow it Seems Fitting.

The purveyors of the stuff of war porn are also the purchasers of kiddie porn. Both hideous groups, which, according to the report, are apparently inextricable, would seem to be informed by a similar disregard for human life. Don't forget to support the troops.

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Debra said...

This is non news for me.
This MAY surprise you, but I think that what we're doing to try to CONTROL individual human behavior, and the incredible lengths we are willing to go to leave no pedophile behind is far more dangerous than the consequences of pedophilia and child pornography themselves.
At this rate we are going to hand over ALL our civil liberties in order to make sure that NOBODY GETS AWAY.
This kind of politically correct thinking is extremely... NAIVE in my book.
And it stems from behind the scenes inhibition about sex that are still very much with us, despite all our harping on about sexual liberation.
Back in the good old days when my daddy was doing his autopsies, I heard about stuff like necrophilia, and zoophilia, you name it, human sexuality is NATURALLY perverse, because it escapes all "norms". (Dixit Freud, and I definitely agree with him on this one.)
We need to be working on our attitudes about all of this.
Dictating that pedophilia and rape "destroy" an individual out of "humane" concern for the victims inconveniently manages to open up the risk that those victims will be PERMANENTLY STIGMATIZED by what happened. In society's eyes. In their own eyes.
Na. Not me. That opens the door to a lifetime of... unproductivity, inhibition, all at the expense of the collectivity.
Not very rational now, then, is it ??