Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just So You Know.

You are a cartoon. Well, your government thinks you are, or at least they believe you are susceptible to the, ahem, allure of a comic strip. The only thing the following simulacrum of Saturday morning bilge is lacking are paint by numbers Snidely Whiplash characters. A question or two does come to mind as I wipe the bile from my lips, how much money did narrator Kyle Risdall of NPR get paid to do the voice over for this slick bit of mendacity, and how soon, if ever, will some substantial number of my fellow citizens of the U.S. act to opt out of our not so kinder, gentler, corporatist horror show of a Federal Government? Perhaps when TIAWKI (the internet as we know it) goes the way of the dodo bird? Perhaps never.


Anonymous said...

The FCC's proposed rule on net neutrality is in limbo as we speak.

It's kind of amazing to me that net neutrality isn't a primary issue on every kind of blog right now, since by its definition if you're online and you aren't rich, it's your issue.

But the very people who depend so much upon it don't seem to care about it much. The only blogs who focus on it are blogs specifically devoted to Internet freedom.

Talk about myopia and balkanization! They say one of the popes got sick and died because when the candles were too near him and he was overheating, and the guy whose job it was to move them couldn't be found, he couldn't imagine moving them himself, nor was it anyone else's job, so no one else moved them either.

To paraphrase Trotsky, "You may not be interested in net neutrality, but (the death of) net neutrality's interested in you."

Edwardo said...

I love the anecdote about The Pope. That is precisely where we are as a society. Someone else will take of it. Won't they? The price of liberty is vigilance, and We The People don't seem to want to pony up.

Edwardo said...

Someone else will take (care) of it....

Debra said...

The cartoon sounds like a Disney film.
But the protection game is behind most of what's going wrong these days anyway.
It's because people are determined to live in Disneyville, Florida wherever they are, and especially in their heads that the government presumes to talk to them this way.
Cut to the Washington D.C. zoo, as I never get tired of saying...
It WOULD be nice if our LANGUAGE changed. The jargon is stifling.