Saturday, July 24, 2010

God Bless America.

This should be a real eye opener for some. For those suffering from terminal stupidity and/or profound denial, perhaps not. The only way one can act rationally with respect to U.S. Military operations in the Mid-East is to shut them down. If one wants to support the troops, and not collude with the ongoing obscene scam that is operation control/skim heroin and oil profits from, respectively, Afghanistan and Iraq, then one must throw one's weight behind efforts to bring the troops home now. Nothing less will suffice, and any other mode of engagment with this appalling situation is, at best, a dodge, and, at worst, as already stated, collusion.

Of course such a course of action does nothing to address the immense U.S. war crimes in the area. What do you think compensation ought to be for the inhabitants of Fallujah? Can there ever be anything like sufficient remuneration for the profound injuries described in the report at the link? Probably not, but that is no reason not to try.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. End the war completely and pull out completely. (And wind down the empire in general.)

That's the only rational and moral position.

I was wondering if my own post was too optimistic about transparency breaking through the blinders of the public.

But I think even today most people aren't sociopaths or psychopaths. Although they have formidable psychological defenses set up through internalized brainwashing and cognitive dissonance, still every assault of the truth on the wall of ignorance is a blow that must chip away at it. So we need to keep trying.