Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Two Cents

The following is my slightly edited comment to a post made at the Attempter site.

The brainwashing you describe has all the tell tale signs of the hoary handiwork of Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman. In the meantime, the nation is, as you suggest, chock full of folks who appear to be experiencing a sort of kinder, gentler form of The Stockholm Syndrome. How else do we explain the fact that the entire Federal Government has not yet come under full scale assault, or, alternatively, that large segments of the populace have not simply "gone off grid" "opted out", etc. etc? It best explains why the vast majority of voters continually ping pong back and forth between those ultimate actors of the good cop bad cop routine, the Democrats and Republicans.

What we have here, sir, is evidence of a well cultivated, deeply ingrained, and pernicious neurosis, and/or repetition compulsion. The citizenry, in the main, simply can not even imagine, let alone fathom, another way. And so, collectively, we lurch toward a point where, by hook or by crook, another (almost certainly unpleasant) outcome will ineluctably manifest, as a result of the massive abuses perpetrated by the system's operators, and by our collective lack of an appropriate response to said abuses. Perhaps, as per the latest news from the NY Times, about upside down mortgage holders finally deciding to get out from under, the ice damn in which the national mindset is trapped is beginning to thaw. Can Spring really be just six weeks away?

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