Saturday, February 20, 2010

MSM All In To The Dark Side

The lack of coverage by mainstream media outlets of the suicide bombing of an IRS building in Austin is, in the opinion of this blogger, more than a little noteworthy. There are far far too many examples to reckon with, but suffice it to say that, in the main, mainstream media in the U.S. presents an even more whitewashed, sanitized, and unreal version of the world we live in than ever before.

The absence of coverage of what was arguably the first suicide bombing by a U.S. citizen on American soil, as well as the absence of coverage, or, at best, meager coverage of, less fantastic, but equally, if not more important, stories, is a story in itself. I will have more to say on this dismaying matter in future, but I felt the need to at least touch on it now.


Toby said...

Yep, this is a big one, and yet, the fewer who hear about it, the lower its impact. Contain and manage is very effective when it's effective. That said, that someone was driven to such a desperate act in a supposedly stable democracy like America is a powerful sign that things are rotting away at the center. The way I see it we are experiencing a slow-motion, managed collapse that will at some point slip out of control and become wild. I'm not looking forward to that point.

But I am looking forward to your deeper thoughts on the very important Joe Stack story.

DED said...

The story was covered on CNN and FOX. That's how I heard about it. So it's not like there wasn't any coverage, just not wall-to-wall coverage (like they did for Tiger Woods' affairs and numerous other celebrity tripe). Instead, we get a piece on how airport security is still a failure so many years after 9/11.

Later, O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham dismissed the guy as being just a "nut job". Both expected the liberal media to portray him as a right wing menace due to his anti-IRS and anti-federal gov't stance. A tie-in with the Tea Party crowd perhaps.

But if you read the guy's suicide note, he doesn't come across as a nut job (at least not to me). He's just a guy who has been pushed over the edge. He explains at length about how he came to the end of his rope, providing numerous details, including the fed law that crushed his independent contractor business. Far from being a stereotype, he doesn't blame blacks or immigrants for what's wrong with the country and he never mentions Obama, but does blame Bush.

Unfortunately, the only part of his suicide note that I heard read on the air was near the end, when his language takes on a more graphic flair. Taken out of context, he does look like a run-of-the-mill crazy. But read along with the rest of the note and it fits. He lays out an argument that few people can argue with and his conclusion is unsurprising. Will he be the first of many?