Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Kiss of Death!

"Just about perfect" That was the judgement of Joe Lieberman, the detestable Senator from Connecticut regarding Barack Obama's recent cabinet appointments. All I can say is, when a super sleazy hack like Joe Lieberman gives his imprimatur to anything, be more than a little suspicious. After all, "say it ain't so" Joe was only just last week saved from political oblivion by President elect Barack Obama. What a coincidence that he is now singing Mr. Obama's praises. Prepare your barf bags my fellow Americans, the toadying and genuflecting by the Senator from Connecticut towards the President Elect and his new administration is just getting started. Wait till Israel and the Middle East become front burner issues again, as they always do at some point in every administration, then you will need double strength two ply sick bags.



DED said...

Yeah, I read that this week. What a suck up.

Anonymous said...

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