Tuesday, November 4, 2008

She Gives Trashy A Bad Name.

Just in passing, I happened to catch a bit of footage of Sarah "The Whore of Babylon" Palin voting for herself somewhere in the great interior of the United States. And I couldn't help but notice (to a degree that inexplicably I had not before) how utterly ridiculous her hairdo was. For starters, there was entirely too much of it, and it was piled on her head in such an unruly and ostentatious fashion as to suggest that the woman possesses a surfeit of both bad taste and vanity. I don't know if the hair whirling about Palin's head is all hers or not, or whether she was utilizes dreaded hair extensions, but the total effect simply left one asking a few simple yet pertinent questions such as...

Why does a woman Palin's age, and in her position, namely running for the second highest office in the Federal government, think that sporting such an absurd looking pile of hair is acceptable? Is she truly not aware how silly she looks, or does she believe that her gaudy coiffure confers something useful to a candidate for the Vice Presidency? Mark Twain once observed, albeit as part of a joke, that "The clothes make the man." In the case of "The Whore of Babylon", her outlandish hair is the joke, and if you voted for her-and her big thicket of trailer trash hair- the cruel joke will be on you.

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