Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin Watch!

"He can run, but he can't hide." That's what Joe Louis said about Billy Conn before Louis fought the much lighter Conn in a heavyweight title bout. Louis all but lost except for Conn's foolish attempt to try and knock Louis out when Conn was ahead on points late in the fight. Instead, Louis wound up knocking out Conn. C'est la vie. Sarah Palin is running much like Conn did at the moment, only her flight is from an investigation about whether Palin may have improperly used her office to try and get her brother-in-law fired. Based on everything I've read and seen of Palin, who seems to be, among other unsavory things, an absurdly over ambitious mediocrity, I have no difficulty at all believing that Palin exercised her powers improperly. And I am anything but convinced that her decision to not speak with an investigator tasked with looking into the case has anything to do with her claim that the investigation is tainted. No, I'm afraid it looks to me that if anyone is tainted, it's Alaska's grasping, grifting Governor, Sarah Palin.

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