Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week of Nervousness.

This will be short and sweet. The Paulson putsch attempted by the Bush Cabal has, mercifully, become bogged down in Congress, perhaps fatally so. It is my view that perhaps enough of the citizenry have contacted their callow Legislatures and expressed their vehement opposition to the attempted fascist swindle, that maybe, just maybe, the blitzkrieg attempt at a Brobdingnagian swindle will fail.

As the week has progressed, my view has evolved such that I see no happy outcome with respect to Congress' deliberations. Even so, the worst of the worst outcomes would have involved a pusillanimous acquiescence to anything like Paulson's egregious terms. That seems to be by the boards presently, but as Congress is full of posturing weasels there is still time for the Congress and Senate to craft something deeply unsatisfactory if not downright treasonous. Stay tuned!

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