Sunday, September 7, 2008

Attention National Media!

Are you all addled, or just on someone's payroll? If I've read one glowing account from you regarding the massively retrograde first term Governor of Alaska, I've read a dozen. "A star is born" was one of the more nauseating headlines I've seen of late that made me think that the writer had been drinking rot gut from a lead lined glass since the Reagan years. Has it occurred to any of you that an above average reading of a well rehearsed speech, made by a nicely dressed, physically arresting, female politician, in front of a crowd of rabid, kool-aid drinking, yahoos, isn't a litmus test worthy of the name?

Have you considered instead focusing your attention a bit more on the world view, the culture, and the legislative, ahem, achievements of the Governor of Alaska? Let me help you out on the world view part. Palin, as you know, is a Christian Fundamentalist, which means she is from the same line of people who persecuted Copernicus and Galileo for conclusively demonstrating that not only was the earth not the center of the universe, but that it wasn't even the center of our vastly smaller solar system. Consider the possibility, if not the likelihood, that, if, by some quirk of fate, Palin and her ilk outnumbered those of you who hold slightly more up to date views, she'd probably be springing stuff on you that would make the goings on at Guantanamo look like a hazing incident at your local college. You don't think so?

Well then, consider one of Governor Palin's most recent legislative victories, namely the defeat, with the help of $400,000 dollars of taxpayer dollars, of Measure 2, an initiative designed to prevent hunting wolves for sport from airplanes. You see, this is the kind of moronic pastime that Palin and her snow mobile racer husband think is cool. What does drilling in a wildlife refuge amount to... excuse me, what does wildlife amount to for someone with such a depraved view of nature? Me? I'd like to see a buck naked, terrified and freezing Sarah Palin running from an airplane stocked with hunters shooting at her non-stop with high powered rifles and see how she likes it.


Thai said...

For people who look at the world, history, society, economics, etc.. in fractals (as do I), I smiled as I listened to this and thought about your occasional confederate tendencies.

Though it comes from a conservative think tank, I thought you might enjoy seeing yourself in another way (which is the beauty of fractals in the first place: infinite interpretations of the same thing that are different and yet look the same).


Edwardo said...

I'm afraid you've lost me, Thai. How do you know the think tank you refer to is conservative? Almost all Republicans style themselves "conservative", but few are, except via a tortured definition of the term.

Thai said...

"Conservative" to the extent that The George Mason University (GMU)Department of Economics styles itself after the Austrian School of Economics and The Univ. of Chicago.

GMU econ got into web econ blogging early: several of the top web blogs in the subject of economics are published by GMU faculty (like Cafe Hayek). They publish things like:

Edwardo said...

I see.