Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of Food Stamps, Soup Lines, and Income Tax Abolition.

For all you very strange people who continue to spew nonsense about how a recession hasn't taken hold, perhaps you might, for a minute, remove your very small heads from your rear ends and peer at some genuine evidence as opposed to Alice in Wonderland statistical jiggery pokery of the sort concocted by federal bureaus. For example, the use of food stamps in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is now the fastest growing program in the U.S. Earlier this decade, Massachusetts had the lowest number of eligible residents for food stamps, but my how things have changed what with declining economic fortunes, soaring food prices, and a little less bureaucratic red tape. Why if you cup your ear and listen carefully, you can almost hear, in the manner of The Great Depression, the rattling of large metal spoons on the sides of very big kettles of watery soup. Could it be coming to that? I wouldn't bet against it just yet. Then again, if the voters of The Commonwealth, many of whom are now availing themselves of food stamps in record numbers, decide to vote to repeal the state income tax, there will likely be no money for soup of any kind, watery or otherwise.

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