Thursday, July 24, 2008

Loserman Resurrected!

During the contretemps that ensued in the aftermath of the 2000 election, zombies for Bush ran about in graceless fashion carrying signs reading Sore Loserman. For them, this indelicate bit of - dare I call it- word play aimed at Al Gore and running mate Joe Lieberman amounted to wit. Now that Senator Lieberman is, for all intents and purposes, one of them, one almost pines for the days when large numbers of admittedly stupid people effectively, and collectively, spat at one of the most loathsome characters to ever drag his knuckles through the halls of government.

Senator Lieberman's latest affront to decency is the fawning relationship he has developed with the vile "Reverend" John Hagee, he of the lunatic notion that, and here I slightly paraphrase, Katrina was New Orlean's punishment for having a gay rights parade. John McCain, a former Hagee devotee, has distanced himself from him, if only under duress. But if, like Pastor Hagee, you support Israel, even if only because you are eager to usher in the Apocalypse tout suite, Lieberman is ready to extend a sweaty, smarmy hand to you, and a public pat on the back. After all, Joe's motto might as well be, Israel, Israel, uber alles! Loserman indeed.


DED said...

I've hated Lieberman from Day 1. I've voted against in him in every single election, yet he keeps getting re-elected. And we're stuck with him for another 4+ years.

Edwardo said...

He should have been unseated in the last election but he called in all his chits from his powerful connections
and Voila!, the S.O.B. remained in office. Only this time, he has something of a vendetta against his own party which explains why he is The Democrats most Republican Senator.