Friday, July 18, 2008


The unfailingly odious Phil Gramm has resigned from The McCain campaign after he said, in so many words, that the nation's recession-slouching towards a Depression as we speak- is illusory, existing only in the fevered collective imagination of a nation of "whiners." I have news for you Mr. Gramm, it may be quite true that we are a nation of whiners, but we most certainly are in a recession and your public apologists have no clue. Officialdom's statistics on economic activity, employment, consumer and wholesale inflation, etc, etc, etc, are a mendacious heap of steaming caca bearing no resemblance to reality.

And here's some news for you Senator (Keating Five) McCain, short of yet another rigged election, you are going to get your clock cleaned come November, because I suspect that you, like your erstwhile campaign advisor, are deluded regarding the actual state of the economy. And more importantly where your prospects for election are concerned, America knows it.

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