Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Cavalry Showed Up...

all bedraggled six of them. Unfortunately, their adversaries, a very hostile and well armed group of native warrriors, numbered in the hundreds. After careful consideration and a bit of research, it's probably about the best that Congress can do to hand back a measly eight hundred dollars to each taxpayer. After all, if the government were to do something as dumb as to try and bail out a few of the nation's more desperately sick financial institutions by making their private liabilities public, the bond market would spike so high that we would be right at Dante's Eighth Circle of Hell (the one reserved for fraudsters) in a New York minute.

So Congress and The Executive will instead apply a superficial tonic to a profound ailment which is what they generally do. It's sad and scary to contemplate how bad things are likely to get from this moment forward, but something like Hurricane Katrina on a national scale comes to mind.

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