Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is a Joke, Right?

Apparently it isn't meant as a joke, but if you think this plan is anything but another hopeless dodge by legislatwhores eying next year's elections, think again. Lets start with the most glaring bit of evidence that what we are dealing with from the, so called, "Gang of Six" is just more crapulous kabuki theater. Hold on to your hat, folks, but this plan involves finding eighty billion dollars to cut from the most electrified third rail in U.S. politics, the military. Just to give you an idea of what eighty billion dollars amounts to in military spending these days, please note that the total cost of the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq had reached the 900 billion dollar mark in 2008, and that expenditure was considered supplemental to the 600 billion dollar plus official yearly budget. So, first they have to find what is a puny amount and then on finding it, they will cut it. Get the picture?

In addition to the far from courageous posture towards the nation's immense military spending, the Gang has decided to go after the tax code and reduce such things as the mortgage interest deduction. How savvy is that in the middle of a RE depression. Corporations will be taxed at a lower rate, and the alternative minimum tax will, it is said, be abolished. Then there's the once vaunted Social Security system, now a hapless, bleating, sacrificial lamb if ever there was one. You thought that Social Security was a third rail of U.S. politics did you? Well, not anymore. The Gang are going to see to it that, by certain accounting legerdemain no doubt, Social Security recipients will receive less.

In short, what this plan amounts to is merely 1.) a decrease in the rate of increase in U.S. government spending, and 2.) an exercise in engaging in the time honored canard of equating putative enhanced revenue projections (as a result of, in this case, diddling with the tax code and eliminating certain key deductions) with the actual act of really, truly putting the financial and fiscal condition of the nation on a new, healthy track. Setting aside the absolute certainty one should have that any projected revenue enhancements are going to be exaggerated, this pending agreement-as yet uncertain to pass, but out of the gate in impressive fashion- is absolutely more of the same smoke and mirrors rubbish from our political class that one has long since come to feel is de rigueur.


Debra said...

I am flitting in and out of here today, as I will be out of town for five days, back for a week, then heading off into Albion to move my daughter into her string instrument making school.
After spending over two weeks at theater festivals in the south of France : Vaison la Romaine, for a classical Greek festival where I really got to see the Oresteia done with a chorus, and SOME classical Greek, then Avignon for what the town does SO well, those over 1000 plays in the Trotskyiste "Off" festival.
Two days ago I saw "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?"
A grilling two hours.
Nice, the Jefferson Airplane song.
Nice, but misguided, I fear.
I have dug into J.K. Galbraith's "The New Industrial State", from the '60's, and am really enjoying it.
Galbraith must have been a closet English major.
He is one hell of a good writer, an excellent economist, a prophet, and an intellectual in the highest sense of the word.
If you take the time to read Galbraith's book, it will seriously get you thinking about what is going on now, even if there are parts of the book that are dated.
What I like about a book like this ?
Trying to analyze what's going on now from the perspective of Galbraith then, and trying to extrapolate to understand what is happening now from Galbraith's perspective, and with his theoretical framework.
Pretty challenging. But I like to read that way.
Even in the '60's, Galbraith had figured out that the territory between "business" and State had become rather blurred, with the state regulating aggregate demand in a manner that ensured that GNP would keep on growing, keep on growing, keep on growing.
And with military spending being that particularly area that in a Keynesian manner, constituted the intersection that kept the jet engine burning, burning, and the profits going.
Big government FOR big business, as a regulating force, working hand in hand.
No free markets.
Free markets are just TOO RISKY for that highfalutin, EXPENSIVE technology there.
I will give Tocqueville my attention when I finish Galbraith.
I feel extremely virtuous indulging in my pencil written comments in the margin, along the lines of "rather cynical there, John" in my flippant moments, but the level CAN be higher...
Back to you soon.
According to Nostradamus, when will civil war break out in the U.S. ?

Edwardo said...

Jefferson Airplane?

Well, while you're feeling virtuous about your scribbling, I'll just add that Galbraith was someone I've known of for many years through his books, essays, and other sundry items. And while I admired the (very tall) man, and found his writing lucid and easy going, he was, in many respects, anything but a seer having predicted, among other things, that the U.S. would turn hard left. Well, not hardly.

There's a lot of teeth gnashing these days about why The West is in its present predicament, but it's A.) not that difficult to diagnose and B.) at least in my view, not that difficult to fix.

Having said that, where that is concerned, we are in the process of a birth and births are always painful. I'm not aware that Nostradamus made any predictions about Civil War in the U.S. but, even if he did, we've already had one. Next time, if there is one, should Dixie wish to secede, the nation would do well to throw a party and wish The South a fond farewell and good luck.

Debra said...

Oops... wasn't that a Jefferson Airplane song ??
You know my cultural references are always a little skewed anyway. You enjoy correcting them...
Yes, I can understand why you have reserves about Galbraith.
Like so many economists, he seems to have a hard time understanding the extent to which the human animal has never been rational, and never will be, and of course, his SYMBOLIC SYSTEMS while obeying A CERTAIN LOGIC, do not obey Aristotelian logic (from what I understand).
But, in all fairness, you will concede that Galbraith's weakness has been a major failing of THE PROFESSION.
Particularly since the profession has been seriously snubbing philosophy for quite some time as "useless...(I am reading Nietzsche too.)
Aw, how ungracious of you about that lovely South that the Protestant work ethic managed to destroy with considerable self righteousness to boot.
I delicately suggest that you reread Henry Miller's "The Air Conditioned Nightmare" to see what Henry said about the South.
Yes, well, Texas can be a bit much, but I submit to you that the Union without HER will NOT WORK...
I spent this weekend at my sister in law's new little bungalow in Dordogne (out in the middle of nowhere). I'm frankly mystified as to why she, a 55 year old woman WHO IS A BILLBOARD ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE JOYS AND REWARDS OF FEMINISM (high ranking post in National Education where she gets to go to those cocktail parties with the "gratin", drink expensive wines, HAS A PERSONAL CHAUFFEUR, and gets RECOGNITION RECOGNITION (ok the pay is a little MISERLY for ALL THAT WORK that consumes her even in her sleep...)) MANAGES TO BE JEALOUS OF LITTLE OLE ME, 55 year old woman who has been married for 30 years now (she is divorced..), LOAFS AROUND ALL DAY, (with an occasional flirt at housework...), and WORKS FOR NO MONEY 6 hours a week.
Can you understand that ??
(What do you think of that sentence ? almost as long as Proust, but much less classy, I admit.)
Back to you soon.
The ball is in your court.

Edwardo said...

Deb, I grew up in The South and imagine that whatever Henry Miller said about it doesn't much pertain these days. I think what Rhett Butler said about The South does.

Maybe The Union won't work without Texas- but please do supply your reasoning why it wouldn't- since, in my view, there is no doubt we would have been much better off without, for example, The Bushes, LBJ, and Anna Nicole Smith to name a few Lone Star State luminaries.

And we might do well to consider that perhaps The Union would be better off not being a union. I don't know, but it's worth exploring as I believe the future no doubt will with some seriousness.

It doesn't sound like you're a big fan of your sister-in-law and her lack of a Protestant work ethic. I do love the word Dordogne (I've not been to that part of France) though.

Debra said...

My condolences, Edwardo, for having grown up in the DEPRESSED South.
I have noticed that the Union seems to have already fallen apart, but most people haven't really gotten around to noticing it yet.
It's much more spectacular in Europe, right ?
No, I'm not overly fond of my sister in law.
Dordogne a neat word ?
I never really thought of it that way.
Let me try pronouncing it aloud a few times, and I'll let you know how it comes out.

Debra said...

And what did Rhett Butler say ?
I can tell you're dying to tell me.

Edwardo said...

Rhett Butler

"All we (The South) have is cotton, slaves and arrogance.

Well, there's still cotton down dere, but a lot of the arrogance has been beaten out of the south, and while the remaining ancestors of the slaves aren't technically slaves, Da South is still largely populated by folks who aren't much more enlightened today then their southern forefathers were just prior to the onset of The War of Northern Aggression.

Next time I hope you can get out of a weekend spent with your sister-in-law in the doordoughnya.

Debra said...

Ah, but I have a very FOND memory of Henry Fonda in that movie, even if he wasn't the STALLION that Clark Gable was.
He was the epitome of the GENTEEL South, as in "gentilhomme", as in GENTLEMANLY, and both Rhett Butler and Henry Fonda were gentlemanly in a COMPLEMENTARY way.
One of the only American expatriots who I can have a decent conversation with grew up in Kansas, if I remember correctly. And he told me that one of the only places where black folks REALLY KNEW WHERE THEY STOOD remained the South.
Because in that excessively GENTEEL North, the hypocrisy is a little stifling. Dixit him, at any rate. AND the black folks he talked to down there.
I'm not sure that the WHITE AND BLACK NORTHERN neighbors of those folks down there are much more ENLIGHTENED.
These days, I don't see too many enlightened people running around in blogdom.
Scuse me, gotta get back to my dissection on why the elites are necessary to democracy. I wouldn't have phrased the point in those terms, but since I am choking on crass populism and voluntary servitude these days, those terms will have to do.
"DOURdogne" ?? My rather spiritual (in the French meaning) alternative to your proposals...
Nothing like laughing at your own jokes, right ??

Edwardo said...

Henry Fonda wasn't in GWTW as far as I know. You aren't, by chance, thinking of Leslie Howard?

Yes, in the South, blacks knew where they sat, on the back of the bus. Having said that, there is (or was) truth to the claim of "northern hypocrisy"

regarding laughing, or rather, chuckling at one's own jokes, that seems, somehow fittingly French to me. But that may be unfair.

Debra said...

Damn. You are right. It must have been Leslie Howard. Where would I be without you to correct me all the time ?? ;-)
One of these days I'll get it right...

Debra said...

Pinch me if I allow myself to adventure into Russ's little haunt again.
I'm like a junkie who keeps coming back for the "came", as we say here.
There is no humor in that place.
And I can't be humorous if other people are not humorous with me ; it's beyond my strength.
I think that what I'm really looking for on Internet is NOT IDEAS ; it's vintage conversation.
Not a lot of that going on on the Web these days.
Those earnest young men in their pressed polyester suits and their crew cuts.
They will be the death of us all.

Edwardo said...

You can have a polyester soul, but not a polyester suit. They are Gone...with the wind!

Debra said...

Pretty soon, in the upcoming mercantile empire, I am going to end up for sale with an "antique" sign hung around my neck.
Do you think that "we" could go that far ?
Personally, I think that "we" can go very very far, indeed..
Hey, last night I saw "Hamlet" in French, not in DOURdogne, but at Grignan's château, the place where Madame de Sevigné's daughter lived, and exchanged all that correspondance with Mama.
The Drome is one of the most beautiful areas of France. Great light, SPARSE POPULATION, old Protestant resistance places, for example. (Funny how those OLD PROTESTANT resistance communities turned into resistance communities again during WW2... But then, not so strange. WHY STOP A "GOOD" THING WHEN YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT SO WELL ??).
The play was well done, but I don't really think that the French understand or CAN UNDERSTAND Shakespeare, or the English (culture).
THEY left out the last scene with Fortinbras.
That is a NO NO for me.
AT THE END of all that carnage, SPIRITUAL, MATERIAL, and POLITICAL ORDER must return to the scene. That is one of the rules of Shakespearean tragedy : the power is transmitted, and order (albeit shaky) is restored.
In the case of "Macbeth" we know that the power, even transmitted, will do a repeat performance of what has just transpired, but that is no excuse from at least the SEMBLANCE of restoring order.
In MY opinion.
I love Hamlet. I am delighted recognizing that some of the stuff he says, I have said (but with much less class, certainly). He is SO MODERN it is frightening.
In just two days time, I am off to Albion to settle fifille into her new school. (Sound of tears gently falling...) As a compensation for such heart rending tragedy, we will see "Macbeth" and "The Merchant of Venice" at Stratford.
I am apprehending "The Merchant". It has been set in LAS VEGAS...
For the life of me, I cannot understand the European fascination with Sodom, Edwardo. If Sodom were beautiful, that might be TEMPTATION, but Sodom does not even have the grace to be beautiful.
ARE WE VIRTUOUS when we can resist temptation SO EASILY ??
I think not. I seem to remember Milton insisting on that. But that was A LONG TIME AGO I read that.
I love babbling to/with you.

Edwardo said...

An antique sign around your neck, eh? How are your kidneys?

I tend to agree with you about the final scene in Hamlet, though modern audiences, unlike their counterparts from the seventeenth century, don't have the need for the sort of resolution Shakespeare provided for his contemporaries.

Regarding temptation, Oscar Wilde certainly had a different outlook since, as he said, he could resist anything but temptation. Good luck settling your daughter into her new school.

Debra said...

Wish me luck, Edwardo. I read the reviews for the Royal Shakespeare Company's new production of "The Merchant of Venice", and they are not very promising.. Portia as a bimbo, Antonio and Bassanio as homosexuals, Jesus, Edwardo, just how much further can we DESCEND INTO SODOM without being totally swept away ?? (It happens every time. I haven't really decided if it happens BECAUSE the Bible sets the ideological stage for things to play out that way, or if the Bible truly is a FAITHFUL DESCRIPTION of the way human beings behave...)
My daughter tells me to sit back, close my eyes, and.. LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.
I have already done that at an insulting production of "Cosi Fan Tutte" at the Lyon Opera, which I must have already ranted on to you about : the one where Despina was pushing a supermarket cart around, wearing those ugly trainers, and serving Nesquick out of plastic goblets.
Thanks for your encouragement.

Edwardo said...

The problem with so many contemporary directors is that they choose to re-imagine that which does not brook, let alone need, re-imagining. It takes a clever mind to set classic dramas into modern contexts such that desired shifts in emphasis of a given play's features do not appear strained, or worse, entirely unsuited to the text of the play.

If one has an axe to grind, as so many do, one should write one's own play, or better yet, commission one from an actual playwright. But that's too much work. And such an endeavor requires talent and time and there's no imprimatur attached to such an undertaking unlike when one produces Shakespeare which immediately attracts a reverent audience-at least where the stage is concerned- the way a magnet attracts metal.

Debra said...

The Royal Shakespeare Company's production of "The Merchant of Venice" was really vile, Edwardo.
Think about it : beautiful Belmont REDUCED to an American game show setting called "Destiny".
Venice as Las Vegas. (Just WHAT is the European fascination for Sodom ? It is so fucking sleazy, Las Vegas.) Launcelot Gobbo strutting around as an ersatz Elvis Presley.
Portia and Nerissa as DIZZY BLONDS with Texas accents. (What a slur on Texas, Edwardo...) Bassanio sounding like a trader with a 50 word vocabulary, punctuated with grunts, in short.. an earnest young man with a crew cut, and a pressed polyester suit.
No poetry allowed.
Are you wincing yet ??
And the end of the play ? Dizzy Portia, running around with one shoe off, to suggest that as a "liberated" woman she has been misunderstood by her stud husband ?
Are you crying yet ?
I booed the performance. The rest of the audience was too milquetoastily polite to even allow themselves any form of INDIVIDUAL DISAGREEMENT.
Poor William. He must be turning over in his grave.
This version reminds me of that nightmarish production in Lyon where, in "Cosi Fan Tutte", Despina was running around in trainers with Nesquick out of plastic goblets.
Let us all ring democracy's knell,
I'll begin it, ding dong bell.

Edwardo said...

I saw your comment, Deb, but I didn't know what to say except that I'm sorry you had to pay money to sit through those productions.

Debra said...

Thanks for your commiseration.
Yeah.. I had to pay A WAD to sit through that production.
A crying shame.

Anonymous said...

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The initial point to do is choose on the character that you want to gown up as. Enable's say a vampire. Then you most certainly ought to carry out a small investigation to determine out what the character appeared like. This can be remarkably straightforward within just the Net or you may possibly have films and publications on the theme. Then you make an stock of the products you can want to have in purchase to robe your self identical and presumably the make-up you might possibly require to have far much too.

Need to you appear across it challenging to have take care of of any piece from the fancy gown, you could perhaps probably lease a costume domestically or get a individual from The online.

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