Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Are we the only ones in the Universe? If not, are other intelligent life forms checking us out? I have no idea, but I'm biased to think there are other intelligent life forms in the universe that, for whatever reasons, have a keen interest in what goes on here on planet Earth. One is especially persuaded that this is the case when officials offer denials and excuses such as this. After all, what sort of government and/or military would choose not to alert the operators of a commercial airport beforehand that there would be activity in the area? It's simply not credible that A.) they forgot or B.) chose not to. It's simply not done for, what should be, obvious reasons. This is especially the case if one wants to appear credible when issuing after the fact denials about alleged UFO activity. Had the military informed local civilian authorities beforehand about planned maneuvers, one would be much more inclined to accept that the odd looking bright lights in the sky were, indeed, part of a military exercise and not the arrival of ETs.


Anonymous said...

Johnny D. here, Edwardo (sorry, too lazy to log in). Interesting that the vid you link to has been taken down. Wonder why? As for UFOs, I don't know what to say about the phenomenon. It's such a vast universe, I suppose anything is possible. But the distances one must travel just to get to the nearest star are enormous. That doesn't make it impossible - but it does make it improbable.

Debra said...

Since I'm giving up fanatic rationalism for Lent, maybe I could indulge in the luxury of believing in UFO's ??
I say to my friends.. life has no obligation whatsoever to respect probability functions.

Edwardo said...

If intelligent life forms-more intelligent than we humans-are busying themselves with our doings, I suspect they have found a way to do so by exploiting wrinkles in space time in such a way that traveling extraordinary distances is bypassed. The ETs get here, as it were, inter-dimensionally.

The movie Contact said as much, which, of course, means it must be true.

Debra said...

What are you doing with your writing talents these days now ?

Debra said...

Long time no Haiku.

Edwardo said...

His magnum opus
Meticulously designed
Remained incomplete

Debra said...

That's cheating. It reads like prose.
How come Haiku sounds like prose ??

Edwardo said...

And here I was thinking I was being clever and accommodating. Slap!

Edwardo said...
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Debra said...

I am NOT a Haiku expert.
Can we make up ?

Edwardo said...

What was he to do
She disparaged his haiku
This was nothing new.

Debra said...

Ah !!!!
Rhymes !!!!
I can tell it's poetry then... ;-)
Now.. THAT was a little more challenging, wasn't it ??

DED said...

I would think that it is a rather conceited approach to think that human beings were the only sentient species, or even the most technologically advanced, in the galaxy, let alone the universe.

While many UFO sightings prove to be faked, explainable natural phenomena or man-made artifacts, there are still plenty that are unexplained. UFO, by definition, means Unidentified Flying Object. It doesn't imply aliens, but most people automatically equate the two.

Some have argued that if there are aliens visiting Earth, then they wouldn't so secretive. Or, if they've conquered space travel, they must automatically be benign. These attitudes strike me as naive. Considering the nature of human behavior and society, why wouldn't they be secretive. And just because a species is technologically advanced, why would it be benign? What's benign about a stealth fighter?

Edwardo said...
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Edwardo said...

It's rhyming Haiku. Woo hoo, not to be confused with woo woo, since this is a UFO post.

I agree with all that you said, Ded.