Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TWOB Watch: Low Profile

Have you noticed that "Drill baby, drill" uber imbecile, and mainstream media Frankenstein, Sarah Palin, aka The Whore of Babylon is nowhere to be found lately? It's one of the few good things happening to our ship of state that the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska is not befouling the airwaves with her bilious presence. Other than the fact that she no doubt has realized that she has heaping quantities of oily red blood on her hands-not that she can be expected to have any shame about it- and that everyone and their mother is apt to look upon her right about now with less than admiration, or, perhaps, while searching for new supplies of petroleum, Palin fell down the massive sinkhole that just opened up and swallowed a three story building in Guatemala City, I can't imagine why TWOB seems to be on a MSM sabbatical.


Debra said...

I don't pay any attention to Sarah Palin.
She doesn't get me upset.
That got me into trouble a while back..
Some people think I am NO FUN.
I can understand that...

Edwardo said...

The only way TWOB can't get a sentient person upset is if they don't pay attention to her.