Monday, June 14, 2010

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The Main Stream Media, in the form of the New York Times, is now unwittingly disseminating a truth that any gimlet eyed observer would have long since unearthed, namely that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan has never been about anything but the great game. I bring this story to your attention, in case it has not already caught it, because we citizens need to be aware of what the Mandarins have planned if we remain passive and uninvolved.

The idea that the mineral wealth in Afghanistan is a new discovery ranks right at the top of the bullshit meter, but we can at least be grateful that the paper of record has now confirmed that it wasn't just the promise of vast quantities of heroin profits that were the primary driver behind deploying the U.S. military to the poppy center of the world.

If you think our government has (or ever had) any intention of leaving that desolate part of the planet on its own accord, without tremendous pressure brought to bear on it to do so, than you are sadly mistaken. Going forward it will be up to "We The People" to ensure that our young men and women are not hung on a cross of lithium for generations to come.


DED said...

What? You mean that mountain ranges contain mineralogical wealth? Gee whiz, who would've guessed that? ;)

I hope my sarcasm is plainly evident.

DED said...

Sci-fi author, Charlie Stross, writes about this "discovery" too.

Edwardo said...

Thanks for the link, Ded.