Monday, October 12, 2009

No Immunity Here!

The U.S. Government loses its already questionable authority to govern with each passing day it seems. Here is yet another example of the sort of government activity that suggests the usual two explanations (wanton incompetence or sinister corruption) for otherwise unfathomable and anger inducing behavior.


Thai said...

All your links are not working.

I know you know this but I really think it is something you are doing when posting

Edwardo said...

Thai, a few weeks ago the way I was entering links worked, and now it doesn't. At this point, being something of a tech tard I am at a loss.

DED said...

Are you using Blogger's link button?

The HTML code would look this:
<a href="your link here">words to click on</a>

You'll be able to just insert that into the text of your post.

Edwardo said...

Thanks, Ded. It is sorted. All links are sorted here and at

DED said...

Glad to be of help. :)