Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lies, Damned Lies, and Swastikas.

The Town Hall protests are getting to the Democrats and The Republicans who are pushing Obama care. The proposed health care reform, all one thousand pages of it, is being challenged across the U.S. by irate, middle class, middle aged, male and female voters. It is quite beside the point that this cohort of voters are, in many instances, being organized by "conservative" organizations of one sort or another. The point worth taking away is that a critical lack of trust in government lies behind the protesters actions. The Federal Government, through, for example, its egregious banker bailouts, has earned the distrust, and, in some cases, the enmity of We The People.

In response to the public's perfectly understandable and justified ire, Madame Speaker Bela Lugosi, excuse me, Nancy Pelosi, has engaged in a despicable attempt to tar the protesters as Neo Nazis. I've enclosed a link to a clip of The Madame Speaker being asked about the town hall protests, and whether they represent a grassroots movement. Speaker Pelosi's response, "You be the judge of carrying swastikas." What is she talking about? Have you seen the footage of the town hall protests? Nowhere are there any Nazi symbols on display. Madame Speaker Pelosi's tactic, in addition to being utterly loathsome, is also, unconvincing, since if she really did see swastikas, she should have, in no uncertain terms, condemned their appearance and castigated those who aligned themselves with the vile symbol. The fact that she has not gives the lie to her charge. In the meantime, this is the sort of heinous response you can and should expect from Madame Speaker Pelosi (and her ilk) should you decide to direct your free speech against her Congressional agenda.

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