Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Foreign Policy Revelation.

Nothing has changed on the foreign policy front with the arrival of Team Obama, and I can prove it. Recently there were allegations of election fraud in Iran. In the election's aftermath, large nationwide demonstrations ensued, albeit, with a minimum of bloodshed. In response, President Obama was given to no small amount of critical comment regarding Iran and its government.

Now juxtapose Obama's response to the Iranian contretemps with his reaction to what just transpired in China, where government forces cracked down to such a vicious extent on protesters that over one hundred and fifty of the aforesaid were killed. And an equally large number were also arrested, presumably destined for either execution or extended incarceration. Not one word has been uttered by Obama about the savage treatment by the Chinese government towards some number of its discontented citizens, even though the Chinese government's response to dissent has clearly been more severe than Iran's response to their recent upheaval.

To what can we attribute this tale of two responses? Is it the invisible hand of Adam Smith at work as one commentator has suggested? After all, China, while certainly a burgeoning economic and geo-political rival of the U.S., also happens to be a vital trading partner and a critical source of government funding, at least for now. Iran? Well, they hardly fit that description. And that is why China can murder its people with impunity while Iran comes in for heavy criticism, sanctions, or worse. Obama, the self styled "change you can believe in" agent is literally and figuratively a business as usual President. Just ask the Chinese and Iranian governments.


DED said...

Have to agree with you on this one. "We" need them to keep buying our debt so we'll keep our mouths shut and let them continue to crush their own people, who clearly don't want to be part of China. Tibet Part 2.

Edwardo said...

Long time, no see, Ded. Nice to hear from you.