Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just As I Suspected.

In a nauseatingly (but all too) characteristic display of narcissistic grandiosity, Sarah Palin, aka The Whore of Babylon, has revealed that she has a "higher calling" than the governorship of Alaska. I'm afraid that those of us who reside in the lower forty eight states must beware, because, clearly, TWOB has plans for us. On the other hand, because TWOB is, among other things, such a grifter, she may be getting out before some scandal erupts. In the meantime, as the ImPalinator seeks to control the world, those of us who blog in none too complimentary terms about her have been threatened by a Palin attorney with possible legal action should we print (or reprint) fraudulent allegations. I'm so glad to see that TWOB, a self styled conservative and intrepid defender of constitutional freedoms, has such a deep and abiding respect for The First Amendment. Well, I say, by all means, if TWOB or her attorney thinks that some of us are spreading lies about her, let the piss ant soon to be former governor of a state with a population smaller and less diverse than San Diego sue away.

As for any of my claims about TWOB, well, clearly, they are all patently true. After all, isn't it obvious that Palin has at least ten times more ambition than brains? And isn't it equally clear that Sarah "Bridge to Nowhere" Palin is a smarmy, mendacious, self aggrandizing cancer on the body politic? Well, isn't it?


DED said...

Maybe the "higher calling" is that she's becoming a nun. ;)

Edwardo said...

That's funny.