Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's All Coming To A Head.

The corruption and criminality that exist in the halls of government and in the financial arena are well known to readers of this blog. However, in the coming months look for the nation at large to be exposed like never before to the perfidious inner workings of the Mussolini Corp/Gov Business model. Between Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke's mendacity with respect to, specifically, Bank of America, along with a whole host of equally combustible outrages by the aforesaid (and others), and the general economic collapse being brought on by factors as diverse as the fall of Wall Street, disintegration of General Motors, and a burgeoning flu epidemic, there are just too many desperate things that have transpired for whistleblowers of various colors and stripes to not eventually show up and spill.

The canaries will be emboldened to sing by an economy that is supine, confident in the knowledge that, regardless of what the denizens of the newly formed "green shoots" school would have us believe, the nation's economy is far from "recovery." In fact, the weakness in the economy will have spread to other areas such that the very legitimacy of the federal government will be, with ample reason, called into question. I posit that our prospective whistle blowers, motivated in party by their own disgust at what they have taken part in will feel unconstrained by worries of reprisal by their former masters. In the main, I imagine the confessors will be interested in cleansing themselves by simultaneously taking down their corrupt higher ups and giving the rest of us a sense of just how deep the rabbit hole goes. It should be more than interesting.

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Mike said...

Could happen. Let's hope.