Monday, June 30, 2008

More Drilling: An idiotic idea squared.

To all those folks out there who are still blowing masses of hot air to the effect that if only the PTB had somehow paved the way for more drilling over the years we wouldn't be in this mess, I say, "GET A GRIP!" And stop blaming green groups for things like The Bureau of Land Management's decision to cease accepting applications for solar projects. Are you folks that stupid or just that dishonest that you can't acknowledge that the road to the BLMs decision traces back to the The Commander in Chief, not the greens. Yeah, that's right, the government already allows a ton of drilling, and mining, and clear cutting on federal lands, but it must have been those pesky greens that stood in the way of placing some relatively benign solar panels in the desert.

On the larger question of should we or should we have not drilled for oil, no we should not have drilled and gouged out the earth at every bleeping opportunity over the last ten or twenty years because it's a false economy. The fossil fuel age is over and needs to be over, but then if you are in denial regarding man's enormous contribution to climate change, and/or if you think Peak Oil is a hoax, then, in addition to being terminally thick, you can not be convinced of the profound illogic in the idea that more gouging and drilling was/is the way forward.


iggs said...

I must say, You DON'T KNOW 100% whether petro sources are abiotic or not!!!!

You DON'T know, because no one does. There's precedent for it - possibly even within our own solar system; the Huygens probe crashed into oceans of hydrocarbons a few years back on one of Saturn's moons, AND they are finding more water on Mars than they dreamed could be there.

It is possible that geologic forces create oil. It's not impossible, nor has it never been disproven adequately.

I'm not saying that Peak Oil isn't dominating our reality gloss right now, or even doubting the validity of it, but I must point out, it's not necessarily a "thick" position to take. Peak Oil is more about extraction/refinery capacity.

You gots to think in probabilities.

DED said...

The moon was Titan.

The hydrocarbons in question were the result of Methane reacting with ultraviolet light. Most of the stuff is simple one or two carbon atom molecules. The tholins, a complex nitrogen heavy heteropolymer hypothesized to be one of the precursor molecules to life, has nothing in common with petroleum. They're formed in atmospheres and bacteria are known to feed on them. There's no way the stuff could lead to petroleum as bacteria would've gobbled them up. There's no way it could've accounted for the billions of gallons of oil we've found.

What has water on Mars to do with this argument?

No. There is NO evidence that oil is abiotic. It's an unfounded idea proposed by a bunch of crazy Russian geologists. I read one of the papers on the subject and it was one of the most unprofessional papers I've ever read.

All current oil reserves have a biological origin and the abiotic hypothesis has failed to result in one single find.

It's a crackpot idea.