Thursday, June 19, 2008

There Will Be Blood!

For those of you who don't know, my overall view of George Bush is that he is a contemptible cretin, and that outside of Adolph Hitler's being invited into the German government, The Shrub's two term presidency represents perhaps the biggest political catastrophe in modern history, modern history being defined as post WW1. Certainly, as my wife observed recently, the fact that Bush was elected not once, but twice, (with pardons to those who believe Bush was installed into office by The U.S. Supreme Court) represents THE biggest mystery, bar none, in modern politics.

The Bush Presidency has brought us a wrongful war and occupation in Iraq, and one that has been waged incompetently to boot.

A hideous scam of a police state enterprise known as "The War On Terror", which, by its very shadowy nature, and quite conveniently for Bush, has no accountability to the general public whatsoever.

On the domestic front, Bush is beyond clueless, he and his criminal cohorts in Congress, have utterly obstructed global efforts to address climate change, and they have plenty to answer for regarding the on going financial and economic debacle that involves the banking, housing, and mortgage industry, to name three of the most prominent areas of the economy that are listing in the manner of The Titanic.

Most recently, as in yesterday, Bush, in an act of utter mendacity or mindless stupidity-with Bush it's always one or the other, if not both-blamed high prices at the pump on Democrat's blocking offshore drilling. No, Mr. President, you cad, the high cost of auto fuel would be due to the following factors not listed in order of importance:

1.) Our collapsing currency, which in turn is due to profligate government spending-the bulk of that spending being on, three, not entitlement programs- and please don't even mention the hoary term welfare. No, not homeowner bailout programs.....YES.... MILITARY/WAR SPENDING!

2.) Massive foreign competition for petroleum. You might have noticed that China and India are very thirsty, Mr. President.

3.) PEAK bloody OIL- which, Mr. President, you and your fat, greasy eminence of a Vice President know all too well about, hence our long term occupation of Iraq.

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