Thursday, July 19, 2007


Dear Atlanta Falcon's Management,

Today I read your team's official response to the accusations against your star quarterback, Michael Vick, in which you state,

"We are disappointed that one of our players -- and therefore the Falcons -- is being presented to the public in a negative way, and we apologize to our fans and the community for that.''

Without reservation I must tell you that in my view your organization's response to the present situation appears woefully inadequate. You are disappointed? Is stating that the Atlanta Falcons are disappointed the best that you can muster by way of a response to such heinous allegations? Where is your sense of perspective and propriety? One registers disappointment when one finds that the weather will be poor for an outside event, or when one has dined at a restaurant and been treated to an overpriced meal with wretched service. However, when one finds that a key member of one's organization, one's family, or one's community has very possibly been engaging in unspeakably sadistic acts of cruelty against helpless animals, in this case, canines, one DOES NOT merely express "disappointment", one expresses, at the very least, deep dismay and shock.

That you were so far off the mark in your response to these sickening allegations speaks of a callousness and insensitivity on your part that is in itself reprehensible. Perhaps the fact that your organization is in the business of exploiting people with extraordinary athletic ability until they can no longer perform due to either injury or old age, may have more far reaching implications than I had originally considered. In any case, by virtue of your paltry response to the allegations against your marquee player, Michael Vick, who it would seem stands an excellent and well deserved chance at being found guilty of some or all of the charges against him, you have proven that The Atlanta Falcons organization is itself unworthy of respect or support.

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