Saturday, July 7, 2007


The vast amount of waste and general carbon foot printing that will ensue as the result of today's Live Earth festivities will be, no pun intended, off the charts, by the time the event runs its course. Live Earth may be as fine a testament to how mindlessly idiotic humans can be as one could imagine. We just can't seem to get it through our thick skulls that nothing less than fundamentally altering our mode of existence will do to successfully address our impact on the planet's general health. Had all the luminaries, functionairies, and the rest truly wanted to make an honest statement about the way forward, they would have made sure that no one performed more than a car, train, or boat ride from home. Attention, pop stars, please park your private jets in their hangers, leave your entourages at home, and check your pampered selves at the door. The Columbian singer, Shakira, the last time I checked, does not reside in Hamburg, Germany. Apparently, Madonna, these days primarily a resident of the U.K., performed in London, though the idea of the Material Girl acting as any sort of a representative against excessive carbon foot printing is beyond stupeying. I know, what a wet, charcoal smudged, blanket I am. However, I appear not to be alone, as more than a few groups and individuals, like Radio Head and erstwhile Who frontman, Roger Daltrey, have, without undue effort, figured out that this latest global feel good initiative is mostly a load of bollocks. Now excuse me while I go fill up my Hybrid.

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DED said...

Maybe if the amplifiers were solar powered it would've come across as less contradictory.

I think the rationale was, "We'll take the big carbon hit today in hopes that everyone who attends or watches will reduce their carbon output enough down the road to offset the shows and have a net positive impact.

I'm not saying that I agree with it, just that I understand where they're coming from.

For the record, I didn't watch any of it.