Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident

The following list comprises an incomplete and disparate selection of truths-according to me- on a variety of observed phenomenon.

1.)  The United States of America, long a police state, has now become a police state run amok.
2.)  The only way to change the system is to operate outside it, and starve it into oblivion. Reform worthy of the name is NOT possible from within.
3.) Blogging may not be entirely useless as an instrument of change, but, as an instrument of activism, it is far closer to useless than useful.
4.) China is a monstrous experiment in capitalism gone wrong.
5.) Those who present as Hale Fellows Well Met, seldom are upon close inspection.
6.) All things being equal, the older one gets the more insight into the human condition one acquires, until, at some unspecified age, a lifetime of wisdom is compromised by the general degradation of that which houses it.
7.) You can always tell when a tool is important, because the world remakes itself around the tool.
8.) Money must be useless to be money. The minute money has a utility beyond its function as either a medium of exchange, a store of value, or a unit of account it is no longer fit to be money. 
9.) There are few places in the United States that offer pleasant weather during the summer months.
10.) Memory is faulty, but, nevertheless, in recalling past events, however inaccurately, truth is revealed.
11.) Without even trying, one's children expose all one's flaws.
12.) A dog is better than a cat
13.) A cat is better than a dog
14.) A fish in one's tank may be a variety of things, but it is never a pet.
15.) Minivan's are a boon only to those who drive them, and then only just.
16.) A Proper night's Sleep is vastly more important than a proper breakfast.
17.) One can either be married and systematically aggravated or single and chronically lonely.
18.) Vanity has few advantages. One of them is that it sometimes over rides gluttony.
19.) Driving is exhilarating when one is young, a tedious bore in middle age, and a terrifying adventure when one is old.
20.) Lists, like the one you've just come to the end of, are usually hit and miss.


Johnny D. said...

Bout dang time!

Edwardo said...

Chuckling out loud.

Johnny D. said...

So, instead of "LOL" you're doing "COL." Love it. I think I'll take that and run with it.

Edwardo said...

Exactly. I started to write COL (Chuckling out loud) but, well, I didn't.

Edwardo said...

And yet since 26th June HUI is up 27%, whilst gold is up 15%. As an 'investment professional' I am surprised you didn't notice that.

I understand that you are or were an investment professional, at least back before the psychological meltdown that turned you into a Troll, so I'm a little surprised that you missed that the active principle is that the stocks of commodity producers (gold, silver, oil, gas, coal etc…) always lead the underlying commodity itself.

So, of course, the miners led gold up and now they may be a leading indicator of the reversal of this particular bull trap. Also, the point was that even though the price of gold rose, so did the cost of the primary mining input, energy, so the overall outlook for the miners remained the same, dismal, which makes this wood shedding as fundamental as it is technical.

Now please take your medication/or up the dosage and go away.

Gary said...

Perhaps you should check out the oil price, gold price and miners from 71 to 79. Your simple freegold thoughts blind you, or perhaps you simply don't grasp reality. Which as an investment pro is disappointing. COL.

Edwardo said...

It has nothing to do with freegold thoughts, simple or otherwise. Perhaps you should take the matter up with the WGC, and the CEO of Gold Fields, who estimated that the "all in costs" for gold mining were $1400 to $1500 dollars an ounce. However, as this report from Agnico-Eagle makes clear, see page 19, the WGC may have come in a bit low. In the meantime, I think it's reasonably safe to say that gold mining in 2013, like pretty much everything else, is a very different game than it was in 1973.

nirob khan said...
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Johnny D. said...

Edwardo, you still around?

Edwardo said...

Yeah. I'm here. What up?

Johnny D. said...

Not a thing. I was just wondering if you were still around. Hope you're doing well.

Edwardo said...

Hi Johnny.

I'm fine. I hope you're well too.