Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Fear for the future
As you live in a present
Undone by the past


Debra said...

I wasn't following your trail, but you popped up on one of your recommended sites...
How about a new defense of the English language ?
My Lacanian shrink friends, who, while paying lip service to the great man, cannot seem to understand why LANGUAGE IS EVERYTHING, brush over style as though it were... GOOD FOR NOTHING.
Tss, tss, she says.
Considering that our Christian and Greek rationalist antecedents set great store by THE LOGOS, that is a very fatal assumption.
Let's hear it for the defense of the English language.
It is looking very dry and dusty these days.
Not just looking, moreover.
My mouth tastes like sawdust, just spitting it out.
Fortunately... I still write poetry in the 16th century idiom.
John Donne was great, wasn't he ?

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