Monday, April 18, 2011

Think Again.

It seems that on the back of a warning of a downgrade of U.S. government debt by, FWIW, the S&P ratings agency, there is renewed discussion of how this latest debt downgrade will spur officialdom to really, truly, you better believe it, tackle our-just outside the black hole event horizon-fiscal situation. For all those talking such piffle, whether you are just clueless or ghastly toadying shills, I have news for you:

The only weapon government has to extinguish the U.S.S. debtberg is talk of the kind designed to deceive the easily duped into thinking that constant can kicking is something other than, well, can kicking. Government can't do anything like the sort of budget/debt reduction needed because that would shatter to pulp the one wooden peg leg our economy remains standing on. After all, government, both federal and local government combined, employ more folks than anyone else by a long shot. If we want to really have unemployment skyrocket, and to see absolute social disintegration/mayhem ensue lickety split, then, by all means, cut all the social programs back big time, bring most of the troops home-troops who, in the full flush of their testosterone saturated youth will not be able to find gainful employment, but are, by the way, quite handy with firearms and explosives-and let the too big to fails, fail. Yeah, that's what I thought.


Edwardo said...

As per our most recent conversation, this is for you Johnny.

Johnny D. said...

Why thank you, sir. Upon my return from work, I shall take a look. Meanwhile, our silver and gold holdings are doing quite well. :-)

Edwardo said...

Yes, the PMs are the place to be.

Johnny D. said...

Oh man, watching Max pretend to snort was the icing on the cake of this vid. :-)

He sure sounds convinced, Edwardo. It all sounds like truth to me.